Products by Photonics Industries International

high pulse energy picosecond laser
High Pulse Energy Picosecond Laser "RGH Series"
High Pulse Energy Picosecond Laser "RGH Series"

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

 absolute ipce calibrator
Absolute IPCE calibrator
The absolute IPCE calibrator serves as meter of total light power reaching a sample attached to our “pass through” photoelectrochemical cell
potentiostat p-if 1.6
Potentiostat P-IF 1.6
Device that measures the characteristics of the chrono-volt-amperometric signal in electrochemical systems

Products by Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.

lasorb - the esd absorber for laser diodes
LASORB - The ESD Absorber for Laser Diodes
LASORB is an electronic component that extends the lifetime of laser-diode-based products

Products by Anitoa Systems LLC

cmos ultra-low-light bio-imager uls24
CMOS Ultra-low-light Bio-imager ULS24
The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS imager designed to enable portable medical and scientific instruments.

Products by CustomChill Inc.

cral 700 thermoelectric chiller
CRAL 700 Thermoelectric Chiller
Dual Heating and Cooling Thermoelectric Chiller
cral 300 thermoelectric chiller
CRAL 300 Thermoelectric Chiller

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