Products by QImaging

ocular™ scientific image acquisition software
Scientific Image Acquisition Software for QImaging Cameras

Products by Lambda Research Corporation

TracePro® is our opto-mechanical software differentiated by its ease-of-use, CAD interface and accuracy for optical and illumination design and stray light analysis,

Products by Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.

scannermax galvanometer scanners
ScannerMAX Galvanometer Scanners
ScannerMAX Galvanometers allow for the scanning of a light beam in one or two dimensions.

Products by VPIphotonics GmbH

mode designer
Mode Designer
Analysis and optimization of integrated photonic waveguides and optical fibers
link configurator
Link Configurator
Intuitive graphical interface and powerful algorithms for optical network engineering
link designer
Link Designer
Design and configuration of links in optical networks and sub-networks
fiber optics
Fiber Optics
Modeling, optimization and design of fiber-based optical devices
photonic circuits
Photonic Circuits
Simulation and design environment for photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
optical systems
Optical Systems
Design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long haul optical transmission systems
design suite
Design Suite
Software environment to support requirements in optical component and systems design

Products by PixeLINK

capture oem
Capture OEM
PixeLINK® Capture OEM is an image capture application built around the PixeLINK® API and designed specifically for OEM customers.

Products by IO Industries

coreview video recording software
CoreView Video Recording Software
CoreView software is designed to provide an interface to each and every feature of the DVR Express Core
streams 7 video recording software
Streams 7 Video Recording Software
IO Industries Streams™ 7 is designed to handle all of the data recording requirements for an application.
2ndlook video recording software
2ndLook Video Recording Software
2ndLook is the simplest way to record and review video captured from PC-connected cameras

Products by Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd.

full function usb laser marking board for laser marker
Full function USB laser marking board for laser marker
This product is used to control the laser marker and engraver ,

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