Multi-spectra Spectrometers

HORIBA Scientific

PoliSpectra DUAL and TWIN feature 2-4 fiber inputs for OEM applications requiring simultaneous acquisition of 2-4 spectra from various light sources or samples with high throughput capability. Each input channel can be fitted with a large diameter SMA fiber-optic or custom ferrule. TWIN’s high light collection configuration is only limited by the CCD’s sensor height, matching fiber diameter; DUAL’s spectral range is the visible range; TWIN’s range encompasses UV-VIS, VIS and NIR, available and customized for OEM volume industrial applications; TETRA features 2 main boards, offers 6 SMA fiber-inputs, customized to accommodate our VS7000 or VS2000 optical spectrometer platforms.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

HORIBA Scientificis the leading manufacturer of OEM gratings, Modular and Miniature spectrometer systems with CCD, InGaAs and CMOS detectors, and spectrofluorometers. We offer scientific cameras; CCD and PDA mini spectrometers, deep-cooled CCD cameras, MicOS Microscope Optical Spectrometer for luminescence, TCSPC components, laser diodes, timing modules and single-photon detectors. Our respected brand name in France is HORIBA Jobin Yvon. We also manufacture Raman, FLIM & EDXRF microscopes; steady-state & lifetime fluorometers; AquaLog for CDOM water quality measures.
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