Knight Optical's Custom Domes for Extreme Environments

Knight Optical (USA) LLC

We've successfully launched a range of Optical Domes for underwater imaging, sensing and exploration applications, where protection of electronic sensor systems from harsh liquid and gas environments is essential. Our domes are utilized in Submersible ROVs in Underwater Cameras, cryogenic and furnace viewports. We're a leading provider of precision domes to the pyranometer/pyrgeometer market. Our domes ensure high clarity and transmission allowing for accurate viewing and measurement. We manufacture domes from: · Fused Silica · BK7 · PMMA Acrylic · Quartz · Sapphire · Germanium · Silicon

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Knight Optical (USA) LLC is a global leader in the production and distribution of scientific optical components with a proven track record providing quality solutions to clients in the optics market. Our highly qualified and experienced workforce enables us to offer custom made solutions economically, in virtually any shape and size. Combining traditional methods with modern state-of-the-art systems and metrology equipment enables us to offer quality, competitiveness and prompt delivery schedules within 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of order.
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