Products by Redwave Glass LLC

mg line of chalcogenide ir glass
MG Line of Chalcogenide IR Glass
Chalcogenide glass, blanks and complete parts

Products by Knight Optical

knight optical’s  deviating penta prisms
Knight Optical’s Deviating Penta Prisms
We supply stock & custom deviation penta prisms that cover the VIS & NIR range.
knight optical's tapered homogenizing rods for ipl applications
Knight Optical's Tapered Homogenizing Rods for IPL Applications
Intense Pulsed Light Systems use not only use filters, that are used to filter out the UV wavelength range; & transmit between 400-1200nm for use within cosmetic lasers
knight optical's equilateral prisms (un-coated & ar coated)
Knight Optical's Equilateral prisms (un-coated & AR coated)
These dispersing equilateral dispersing prisms have a very simple triangular cross section. Equilateral dispersion prisms are commonly used for wavelength separations

Products by Rocky Mountain Instrument Co

Right angle, corner cube retro-reflectors, penta, porro, dove

Products by REFLEX Analytical Corporation

atr prisms, rods, hemispheres and more
ATR Prisms, Rods, Hemispheres and More
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of trapezoids, parallelograms, prisms, hemispheres and rods. Choose from a variety of materials & over 500 ATR dimensions.

Products by Alternative Vision Corporation

x-cube prism, 3-port, 10 to 50 mm, s or p polarization
X-cube Prism, 3-Port, 10 to 50 mm, S or P Polarization
X-cube prism for three-wavelength illumination combining or separating

Products by IRD Glass

custom hldt mirrors, homogenizers and cavity reflectors for laser oem's
Custom HLDT Mirrors, Homogenizers and Cavity Reflectors for Laser OEM's
Custom HLDT Mirrors, Homogenizers and Cavity Reflectors for Laser OEM's

Products by LASERTEC Inc

optical prism
Optical Prism
BK7 prisms are recommended for general laboratory use in the visible and near IR. For UV, infraved, or thermally sensitive applications Fused Silica prisms are advised.

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