Products by Ted Pella Inc

sample preparation for microscopy
Sample Preparation for Microscopy
Lapping & Polishing Materials

Products by REEtec

high purity rare earth oxides
High purity Rare Earth Oxides

Products by Eminess Technologies, Inc.

ultra-sol optiq
Ultra-Sol Optiq
Highly concentrated, small-particle cerium oxide ideal for polishing many optical components.

Products by E.R. Precision Optics

Full custom Ge & Si crystal growing capability
znse - zinc selenide
ZnSe - Zinc Selenide
DOW Laser Grade and IR Grade ZnSe. We coat, grind and polish all material in-house
co2 optics
CO2 Optics
We produce, coat, grind and polish ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Copper,CaF2, BaF2

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