Small Form Factor, Air-cooled UV Nanosecond Laser (DCH Series)


  • 355 nm wavelength
  • Power: 0.5W* to 5W*
  • Air-cooled design, water cooled option
  • All-in-one (AIO) single box design for 0.5 & 1W model
  • Patented intracavity UV generation
  • Compact, rugged, monolithic laser head
  • Total pulse control
  • TEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.2
  • Pulse rates from 1Hz to 300kHz
  • RS232 computer control
  • Field replaceable pump diodes
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Photonics Industries International, Inc.(PI), the pioneer of intracavity harmonic lasers, located in Long Island, New York, has been staying at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of nanosecond, sub-nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond lasers and their accessories for industrial and scientific industries.