Products by Abrisa Technologies

ready-to-install value-added optical coatings & glass fabrication services
Ready-to-Install Value-Added Optical Coatings & Glass Fabrication Services
Value-Added services for coated and fabricated glass including Laser marking, optical & safety films, mounting tape and gaskets, Oleo/hydro coatings

Products by VLC Photonics

pic packaging
PIC Packaging
Photonic Integrated Circuit Packaging

Products by Zygo Corporation

new! zygo verifire™ hdx
NEW! ZYGO Verifire™ HDX
UltraHigh Resolution Interferometry for Precise Mid-Spatial Frequency Characterization
zygo verifire™ mst laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ MST Laser Interferometer
Interferometer System for Multiple Surface Testing
zygo verifire™ xl laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ XL Laser Interferometer
Large-Aperture Downward-Looking Interferometer Workstation
zygo dynafiz® laser interferometer
ZYGO DynaFiz® Laser Interferometer
Dynamic Laser Interferometer
zygo verifire™ hd laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ HD Laser Interferometer
High Definition Interferometer System with QPSI™ Vibration Tolerant Technology
zygo apm650™ packaging metrology system
ZYGO APM650™ Packaging Metrology System
 zygo compass™ micro lens process metrology systems
ZYGO Compass™ Micro Lens Process Metrology Systems
• Aspheric Surface Form, Deviation, and Topography • Relational/Dimensional Lens Parameters

Products by Microtek

advanced microelectronics packaging
Advanced Microelectronics Packaging
We provide optimum microelectronic packaging solutions for the photonics industry.

Products by Technica Optical Components, LLC

fiber bragg grating array (fbg array)
Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG Array)
Premium quality Fiber Bragg Gratings written into fiber to create custom daisy-chain sensing arrays according to customer specifications.

Products by eSource Optics

hardwood optical cases & hardwood optics boxes
Hardwood Optical Cases & Hardwood Optics Boxes
Precision cut Hardwood Optical Cases & Hardwood Optics Boxes for storage of all eSource Optical components are available in a variety of standard sizes.

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