AUTOCLEAVER LDF-M™ ideally suited for volume production applications where speed and consistency of results are required. It features a long lasting diamond blade and can be used with fiber holders from the major splicer manufacturers. The built-in microprocessor controls parameters and settings such as clamping, tension and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade. The cleaver generate a minimum amount of fiber waste, typically less than 20 mm. An automatic waste disposal system removes any hazardous fiber scraps. The cleaver can be connected to an external PC that gives access to all programmable parameters and settings.

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Established in 1987, NYFORS has accumulated experience in all areas of fiber processing techniques for thirty years. Our goal is to produce reliable and precise solutions tailored towards the individual challenges of our customers. Our portfolio currently includes: CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping equipment, automatic systems for fiber preparation and window stripping, high precision cleavers and optical fiber recoaters as well as proof testers and cleave check interferometers.