Products by Prior Scientific, Inc.

prior scientific announces enhanced industry leading warranty policy
Prior Scientific Announces Enhanced Industry Leading Warranty Policy
Prior Scientific Announces Enhanced Industry Leading Warranty Policy
proscan motorized stage systems for high precision applications
ProScan Motorized Stage Systems for High Precision Applications
The ProScan III Motorized Stage System has a compact design capable of controlling up to 16 axes including a motorized stage, focus drive, 6 filter wheels & 6 shutters.

Products by Applied Research & Photonics

integrated spectrometer & 3d imager
Integrated spectrometer & 3D imager
Terahertz spectrometer and sub-nanometer resolution 3D imager

Products by National Aperture, Inc.

rotary stage, motorized
Rotary Stage, Motorized
Precision Motorized Rotary Stage with small profile
motorized linear stage for vacuum operation
Motorized Linear Stage for Vacuum Operation
Servo motor driven linear stage with 25mm to 50mm travel and vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr
motorized scanning stage
Motorized Scanning Stage
Servo motor driven with a linear travel of 25mm and a max speed of 39mm/second.

Products by AIR-VAC Engineering

director, automation & assembly
Director, Automation & Assembly
Micro Assembly Machines IC-900

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

motorized long translation stage
Motorized long translation stage
Precise, convenient and very useful in laboratory experiments

Products by Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.

scannermax galvanometer scanners
ScannerMAX Galvanometer Scanners
ScannerMAX Galvanometers allow for the scanning of a light beam in one or two dimensions.

Products by greenTEG AG

gray laser beam position detectors
gRAY Laser Beam Position Detectors
gRAY Laser Beam Position Detectors

Products by IJK Controls

tactical airborne gimbal system
Tactical Airborne Gimbal System
High performance gimbal system with innovative carbon fiber, 4-axis gimbal design and gyroscope stabilization

Products by Aerotech, Inc.

QNP-L linear piezo stages give nanometer performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel and feedback for microscopy to optics alignment.

Products by New Scale Technologies

m3-ls linear smart stage with embedded controller
M3-LS Linear Smart Stage with embedded controller
World's only all-in-one micro stage is 29 x 20 x 10 mm including controller. It's fast and easy to integrate into handheld and portable instruments.
m3-fs precision focus module with built-in controller
M3-FS precision focus module with built-in controller
Precision focus for embedded cameras and microscopes

Products by Lincoln Laser

laser beam delivery systems - galvo & poly scan heads, designs and components
Laser Beam Delivery Systems - Galvo & Poly Scan Heads, designs and components
laser & photonics products and solutions provider
Laser & Photonics Products and Solutions Provider
Laser Optics & Lenses, Infrared Optics & Lenses, Photonics products

Products by nPoint Inc.

npfocus series nanopositioning piezo stages
nPFocus Series Nanopositioning Piezo Stages
The nPFocus series piezo stages allow for fast, precision positioning of optics.

Products by Elite Engineering Corp

custom product development, automation and instrument design
Custom Product Development, Automation and Instrument Design
Our core competencies are product engineering, development, and design. Our job is to take ideas and concepts, and turn them into functioning prototypes and products.

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