adaptive lenses
Dynamic Optics manufactures unique multi actuator adaptive lenses for wavefront correction and image focusing.

Products by Zygo Corporation

zygo newview™ 9000 - 3d optical profiler
ZYGO NewView™ 9000 - 3D Optical Profiler
3D Optical Profiler
zygo nexview™ nx2 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nexview™ NX2 3D Optical Profiler
Next Generation Surface Metrology System
new! zygo verifire™ hdx
NEW! ZYGO Verifire™ HDX
UltraHigh Resolution Interferometry for Precise Mid-Spatial Frequency Characterization
zygo verifire™ xl laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ XL Laser Interferometer
Large-Aperture Downward-Looking Interferometer Workstation
zygo dynafiz® laser interferometer
ZYGO DynaFiz® Laser Interferometer
Dynamic Laser Interferometer
zygo verifire™ hd laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ HD Laser Interferometer
High Definition Interferometer System with QPSI™ Vibration Tolerant Technology
zygo apm650™ packaging metrology system
ZYGO APM650™ Packaging Metrology System
 zygo compass™ micro lens process metrology systems
ZYGO Compass™ Micro Lens Process Metrology Systems
• Aspheric Surface Form, Deviation, and Topography • Relational/Dimensional Lens Parameters
zygo nomad™ portable 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nomad™ Portable 3D Optical Profiler
Innovative, Portable and Precise 3D Surface Metrology Enables Advanced Process Control for Large Optics Manufacturing
zygo nexview™ 3d optical profiler for precise surface topography and film thickness metrology
ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler for Precise Surface Topography and Film Thickness Metrology
ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler Enables Advanced Applications with Innovative Solutions and Leading Non-contact Surface Metrology

Products by McPherson

triple monochromator for raman spectroscopy
Triple monochromator for Raman spectroscopy
Triple spectrometer with adjustable bandwidth, edge-slope and UV wavelength capability

Products by Ted Pella Inc

sample preparation for microscopy
Sample Preparation for Microscopy
Lapping & Polishing Materials

Products by CRAIC Technologies

uvm-1 uv-visible-nir microscope
UVM-1 UV-Visible-NIR Microscope
The UVM-1 is a microscope that can image in the ultraviolet, visible and NIR regions by transmission, reflectance, fluorescence and more.
apollo™ raman microspectrometer
Apollo™ Raman Microspectrometer
Raman spectroscopy of microscopic sample areas quickly and non-destructively
508 pv™ microscope spectrophotometer
508 PV™ Microscope Spectrophotometer
Add spectroscopy to your microscope™
20/30 pv™ uv-vis-nir microspectrophotometer
20/30 PV™ UV-vis-NIR MIcrospectrophotometer
Superior UV-visible-NIR & Raman spectra and images of microscopic samples.

Products by Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

cubert firefleye m185 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE M185 Hyperspectral Imager
Revolutionary VNIR snapshot hyperspectral imager for microscopes

Products by National Aperture, Inc.

rotary stage, motorized
Rotary Stage, Motorized
Precision Motorized Rotary Stage with small profile
motorized linear stage for vacuum operation
Motorized Linear Stage for Vacuum Operation
Servo motor driven linear stage with 25mm to 50mm travel and vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr
motorized scanning stage
Motorized Scanning Stage
Servo motor driven with a linear travel of 25mm and a max speed of 39mm/second.

Products by Double Helix LLC

The SPINDLE™ provides sample measurement with unprecedented precision depth accuracy for 3D sub-diffraction cellular level biomedical and materials imaging and tracking

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