High-energy UV lamp

New and improved stability flow controlled McPherson windowless, hollow cathode UV lamp Model 629. This broad-spectrum source emits ionized gas emission. Computer controlled gas flow and constant current power supply improve stability for better spectroscopy. The Model 629 hollow cathode UV lamp produces excited atoms and ions. These emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths characteristic of the gas flowing through the system. There is no limiting window, this UV source works in the more energetic range of wavelengths from double ionized Helium at 30 nanometers up to the Visible light range (2 to 40 eV).

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McPherson is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 60 years’ of experience. We specialize in high performance spectrometers and purpose built spectroscopy systems. We also know the soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region and provide related state of the art components and services. Our optimized spectrometers are for wavelengths from 1 nanometer to 20 microns and energies from 0.05 eV up to 2 keV.