RTP Pockels cell

RTP applied in Electro-Optic components with Advantages: No piezoelectric ringing,Low operating volatage(1300V for Ycut at 1064nm applied to a crystal pair of 4*4*10mm),Non hygroscopic,Low bulk absorption(<100ppm/cm at 1064nm measured by PCI-02),Wide working temperature (-40~60 ?).
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Lasertec Inc is professional manufacturers for crystals and precision optics. Our main products include the Precision optics as windows, prism,mirrors, IPL filter, Light guide, NLO crystals(KTP crystals), laser crystals(Nd:YAG rods), KD*P Q-Switch as well as optical components(mirrors, lenses, prisms, thin film polarizers, waveplates).

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LASERTEC will attend photonics west 2016
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The Moscone Center San Francisco CA
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