Xe illuminator 150 W

Due to an reflector engulfing the lamp, the setup has very good efficiency. Up to 70% of emitted radiation is captured by the reflector and directed at an illuminated sample.
The unit provides also three types of stabilization: electric current, electric power and light intensity stabilization. The light intensity stabilization mode helps the long term (order of hours) stability of the output beam. It also reduces the warm up time to about 3 minutes as compared with 30 minutes or longer with current stabilization.

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In English, the name of the company means Photon Institute. For money, we design and build laboratory equipment mostly involved with detection, shaping and generation of light. Then we spend it on our own research.
Our scientists work on developing and applying new useful technologies or they waste our hard earned money on useless, although admittedly scientifically appealing, experiments. We have tens of completed projects for scientific labs every year. To accomplish that we needed to master design of electronics, mechanics and optics. They are centered in very diverse areas like atomic spectroscopy, nuclear physics, electrochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and others.