Products by AVoptics

AVliteCure™ - Portable rapid curing system for fibre optic terminations

Products by Zygo Corporation

zygo newview™ 9000 - 3d optical profiler
ZYGO NewView™ 9000 - 3D Optical Profiler
3D Optical Profiler
zygo nexview™ 3d optical profiler for precise surface topography and film thickness metrology
ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler for Precise Surface Topography and Film Thickness Metrology
ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler Enables Advanced Applications with Innovative Solutions and Leading Non-contact Surface Metrology

Products by CRAIC Technologies

uvm-1 uv-visible-nir microscope
UVM-1 UV-Visible-NIR Microscope
The UVM-1 is a microscope that can image in the ultraviolet, visible and NIR regions by transmission, reflectance, fluorescence and more.
508 pv™ microscope spectrophotometer
508 PV™ Microscope Spectrophotometer
Add spectroscopy to your microscope™
20/30 pv™ uv-vis-nir microspectrophotometer
20/30 PV™ UV-vis-NIR MIcrospectrophotometer
Superior UV-visible-NIR & Raman spectra and images of microscopic samples.

Products by Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

oem blackbody
OEM Blackbody
Designed for automated self-calibration of infrared systems
bb-100 single point blackbody
BB-100 Single Point Blackbody
The BB-100 Single Point Blackbody has a 4” Diameter Aperture for Large Sensors and Long Stand-off Operation.
lwir multi-slit scan hyperspectral imager
LWIR Multi-slit Scan Hyperspectral Imager
LWIR hyperspectral imager for the 8-12 micron wavelength range
lwir-62 snapshot spectral imager
LWIR-62 Snapshot Spectral Imager
LWIR snapshot spectral imager for 7-10 micron wavelength range
mwir-60 snapshot spectral imager
MWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Snapshot spectral imager for the 3-5 micron wavelength range
mwir-20 snapshot spectral imager
MWIR-20 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Patented MWIR snapshot spectral imager for 2-5 micron wavelength range
swir-60 snapshot spectral imager
SWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Snapshot imaging spectrometer for the 900-1700nm wavelength range
cubert firefleye s685 underwater hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S685 Underwater Hyperspectral Imager
World's first underwater snapshot hyperspectral imaging camera
cubert firefleye m185 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE M185 Hyperspectral Imager
Revolutionary VNIR snapshot hyperspectral imager for microscopes
cubert firefleye s485 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S485 Hyperspectral Imager
High-fidelity, wavelength customizable snapshot hyperspectral imager
cubert firefleye q285 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE Q285 Hyperspectral Imager
inVISION Top Innovation of 2015 - Industrial snapshot hyperspectral imager
cubert firefleye s185 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S185 Hyperspectral Imager
Easy and reliable hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for UAV applications

Products by Safibra

fttx cabinet monitoring system
FTTx cabinet monitoring system
FTTx cabinet, entrance & vandalism monitoring
fbguard - fiber optic sensing system
FBGuard - Fiber optic sensing system
FBGuad is FBG interrogation unit designed for measurement and data processing of measured values from FBG sensors with high sample rate, resolution and accuracy.

Products by QPS Photronics

turbine generator guard
Turbine Generator Guard
An integrated system with dual ability for measuring both vibration and temperature for the purpose of extending your asset lifespan

Products by Bossa Nova Technologies

tempo high frequency interferometer
TEMPO high frequency Interferometer
The TEMPO is a Two-wave mixing interferometer capable of measuring picometer surface displacements at Ultra High Frequency on all surface types

Products by Äpre Instruments

s100|hr fizeau interferometer
S100|HR Fizeau Interferometer
See more details, and converge faster with high slope acceptance: 6 seconds from measurement‐to‐custom report

Products by IO Industries

dvr express core 2 max
DVR Express Core 2 MAX
Advanced High-Speed Digital Video Recorder with IRIG and GPS
 dvr express® core 2
DVR Express® Core 2
Next-generation platform for uncompressed recording from Camera Link digital video sources

Products by 4D Technology Corporation

fizcam short coherence fizeau interferometers
FizCam Short Coherence Fizeau Interferometers
Short coherence, large aperture for plane-parallel optics & remote cavity measurements
4d inspec surface gauge
4D InSpec Surface Gauge
High resolution, handheld surface inspection system
flexcam metrology module
FlexCam Metrology Module
Quantify defects on films, optics and substrates.
nanocam sq dynamic optical profiler
NanoCam Sq Dynamic Optical Profiler
Vibration-immune measurement of roughness on smooth and supersmooth surfaces.
accufiz compact laser interferometers
AccuFiz Compact Laser Interferometers
Compact, high value Fizeau for shop wide optics measurement. from 355 nm through 1.064 µm.
phasecam 6000 dynamic laser interferometer
PhaseCam 6000 Dynamic Laser Interferometer
Extremely compact, motorized controls for measuring precision optics, as well as on-machine and remote operation.

Products by Imaging Solutions Group

12mp lightwise allegro usb3 cmv12000
12MP Lightwise Allegro USB3 CMV12000
12 MP USB3 camera employing the CMOSIS CMV12000
orion 2k linescan camera
Orion 2K Linescan camera
Lightwise Allegro USB3 Linescan Camera CMOS, 10 um or 10 x 200 um, 70 Hz
lightwise allegro usb3 & gige camera family
LightWise Allegro USB3 & GigE Camera Family
LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs.

Products by Alternative Vision Corporation

touptek usb digital microscope kits - 0.3, 1.3 & 2 mp with stand
ToupTek USB Digital Microscope Kits - 0.3, 1.3 & 2 MP with Stand
USB-powered handheld digital microscope with 10x to 200x magnification

Products by QPS Photronics Inc

Fiber optics monitoring Vibration and temperature monitoring for critical applications such as oil and Gas refineries, Petro-chemical proceeses

Products by FiberQA

fast-mt automated mpo/mtp inspection system
Fast-MT Automated MPO/MTP Inspection System
The FastMT System is designed for automatically analyzing MT style connectors.

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