SynapsePlus offers super-fast electronics while maintaining low noise and excellent signal linearity, for unparalled sensitivity for low light and fast kinetics studies in applications such as Raman and Photoluminescence. Available with six sensor formats, the Synapse CCDs are deep thermo-electric cooled to -80oC, and offer high spectral resolution. In addition, SynapsePlus comes with anti-fringing, and quantum efficiency enhancement technology, and all are capable of acquiring data at thousands of spectra per second. With a maximum frame rate of 2200 spectra per second, outstanding sensitivity and linearity, it is ideal for absorption, transmission, reflectance and fast kinetics applications.


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HORIBA Scientific is the leading manufacturer of OEM gratings, Modular and Miniature spectrometer systems with CCD, InGaAs and CMOS detectors, and spectrofluorometers.  We offer scientific cameras; CCD and PDA mini spectrometers, deep-cooled CCD cameras, MicOS Microscope Optical Spectrometer for luminescence, TCSPC components, laser diodes, timing modules and single-photon detectors.  Our respected brand name in France is HORIBA Jobin Yvon.

We also manufacture Raman, FLIM & EDXRF microscopes; steady-state & lifetime fluorometers; AquaLog for CDOM water quality measures.