Products by HinaLea Imaging

hinalea imaging's model 4100h
HinaLea Imaging's Model 4100H
High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Products by Photometrics

iris 9 cmos camera
Iris 9 CMOS Camera
Iris 9 CMOS offers price-performance balance for instrumentation design
iris 15 cmos camera
Iris 15 CMOS Camera
15 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera for Large Field of View Imaging
prime bsi™ scientific cmos camera
Prime BSI™ Scientific CMOS Camera
4.2 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera for Biomedical Imaging
q1400bsi scientific cmos camera
Q1400BSI Scientific CMOS Camera
95% QE Scientific CMOS Camera for BioMedical Instrumentation
prime 95b™ scientific cmos camera
Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera
95% QE Backside Illuminated Scientific CMOS Camera

Products by QImaging

micropublisher 6™ ccd camera
MicroPublisher 6™ CCD Camera
Color Imaging Camera for Documentation and Publication
qimaging retiga electro ccd camera
QImaging Retiga ELECTRO CCD Camera
CCD Camera Designed Specifically for Electophysiology Research

Products by Photron

fastcam mini ax family
FASTCAM Mini AX family
The FASTCAM Mini AX family of high-speed cameras for slow motion analysis

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