Fiber optic distance measuring instruments - FDM series

The series FDM fiber optic distance measuring instruments offer sophisticated non-contact surface profile measurements, highly accurate GD&T and precise position detection. With its miniaturized measuring probe - featuring a diameter of only >80 ┬Ám - it allows you to reach even the most confined spaces such as micro-holes in spray nozzles. Our FDM technology is easy-to-automate and can be fully integrated in roundness, roughness or coordinate measuring machines.

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fionec has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative fiber optic measuring systems and components since 2007. Our sophisticated miniature measuring probes are unrivaled in the high-tech industry, allowing us to maintain the technological leadership in high-precision measurements of tiny or hard-to-access spaces and of surface structures in the nanometer range. We provide customized measuring systems that meet the elevated demands of ultra-precision manufacturing environments.

We provide a complete and integrated range of services, from the development of customized measuring concepts, simulations and contract measurement projects to the construction, adaptation and distribution of fiber optic measuring probes and optical wave guides.