Products by Infinite Optics

infinite optics general capabilities
Infinite Optics General Capabilities
Thin film coatings and optics for astronomical telescopes and instrumentation
thin film coating services using ebg & iad
Thin Film Coating Services using EBG & IAD
Infinite Optics supplies coatings on fibers, filters, lenses, beam splitters, prototype designs and R&D solutions.

Products by Technica Optical Components, LLC

fiber bragg grating array (fbg array)
Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG Array)
Premium quality Fiber Bragg Gratings written into fiber to create custom daisy-chain sensing arrays according to customer specifications.

Products by art photonics GmbH

high power cu- coated optical fiber bundle for multi kw laser power delivery
High Power Cu- Coated Optical Fiber Bundle for Multi kW Laser Power delivery
High Power Optical Fiber Bundle with Cu coated silica fibers enables to summarize more than 100 diode lasers with 30W power each.

Products by Fiberguide Industries, Inc

bundled assemblies
Bundled Assemblies
Fiberguide has worked with our OEM customers for decades to design and build different configurations of bundled assemblies for a wide variety of photonics systems.

Products by SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging

medical fiber optic cables / lightguides
Medical Fiber Optic Cables / Lightguides
SCHOTT manufactures medical fiber optic Cables and customized fiber optic lightguides for illumination applications.

Products by Schmidt+Bender Hungaria Optics Ltd.

light guiding rods, tips
Light guiding rods, tips
Fiber optic lightguiding products, rods, tips in different shapes. Single core/cladding or multifiber type
flexible lightguides
Flexible Lightguides
Flexible lightguides for illumination

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