Products by McPherson

deep ultraviolet polarization
Deep Ultraviolet Polarization
Novel instrument measures optical reflectance as a function of angle of incidence in non-polarized light

Products by Hind High Vacuum Company Pvt Ltd

thin film coatings
Thin Film Coatings

Products by Plasma Process Group

techne dual ion beam deposition system
Techne Dual Ion Beam Deposition System
Techne Ion Beam Deposition System - the quality and precision of IBD without the huge size and price. Ultrafast pumping, spectacular uniformity, and excellent throughput.

Products by Telemark

electron beam sources
Electron Beam Sources
Telemark Electron Beam Sources

Products by Trion Technology

minilock-orion iii
Minilock-Orion III
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System with a Vacuum Loadlock

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