Products by MH GoPower Company Limited

photovoltaic power converter - ych-l200
Photovoltaic Power Converter - YCH-L200
Photovoltaic Power Converter - A Novel Electrical Power Delivery Technology
pof-wl240 series power over fiber smart monitoring system
POF-WL240 Series Power over Fiber Smart Monitoring System
POF-WL240 Series Power over Fiber Smart Monitoring System
photovoltaic power converter
Photovoltaic Power Converter
Photovoltaic Power Converter

Products by Electro Optical Industries, Inc.

For over fifty years, we at EOI, have provided thousands of diverse blackbodies to customers.

Products by McPherson

triple monochromator for raman spectroscopy
Triple monochromator for Raman spectroscopy
Triple spectrometer with adjustable bandwidth, edge-slope and UV wavelength capability
detector and sensor spectral response and calibration from uv, vsible to long wave infrared (lwir)
Detector and sensor spectral response and calibration from UV, Vsible to long wave infrared (LWIR)
Spectral Test Station (STS) for wavelength testing and calibration from LWIR to 200 nanometers. It is for sensor testing, process control, calibration of flight sensors.

Products by Safibra

multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel laser source with uniformly distributed light into fiber bundle up to 14x14

Products by HORIBA Scientific

synapseplus back-illuminated ccd camera
NEW BACK-ILLUMINATED SYNAPSEPLUS CCD CAMERA SynapsePlus CCD Camera, for high speed and low light applications.
horiba scientific announces new back-illuminated syncerity vuv ccd camera
HORIBA Scientific Announces New Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera
Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Deep Cooled, Back-Illuminated VUV CCD Scientific Camera

Products by Spectrecology

dh-3plus-cal radiometric standard uv-vis fiber optic source
DH-3plus-CAL Radiometric Standard UV-VIS Fiber Optic Source
Radiometric Source for calibrating Irradiance of fiber optic spectrometers

Products by Electro Optical Components, Inc.

high resolution electrochemical sensors for hazardous gases
High Resolution Electrochemical Sensors for Hazardous Gases
High Resolution Electrochemical Sensors for Hazardous Gases
high efficiency ir components
High Efficiency IR Components
Micro-Hybrid thermopile detectors and Micro-Hybrid radiation-intensive IR emitter
opto diode’s new nxir-5c, a red to near-ir enhanced surface-mount photodiode
Opto Diode’s New NXIR-5C, a Red to Near-IR Enhanced Surface-Mount Photodiode
Opto Diode’s NXIR-5C is specially designed for laser monitoring, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial automation, scientific measurement, and military applications.

Products by QPS Photronics

power transformer guard
Power Transformer Guard
​An integrated system with dual ability to measure both vibration and temperature for the purpose of extending your asset lifetime

Products by Anitoa Systems LLC

compact multi-channel fluorescence camera cfix24
Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence Camera CFIx24
Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence Camera CFIx24
cmos ultra-low-light bio-imager uls24
CMOS Ultra-low-light Bio-imager ULS24
The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS imager designed to enable portable medical and scientific instruments.

Products by Applied Research & Photonics

integrated spectrometer & 3d imager
Integrated spectrometer & 3D imager
Terahertz spectrometer and sub-nanometer resolution 3D imager

Products by Marktech Optoelectronics

marktech custom detectors
Marktech Custom Detectors
The optoelectronics experts at Marktech have the components and know-how to create custom detection packages and assemblies for any application.

Products by 4D Technology Corporation

polarcam snapshot micropolarizer cameras
PolarCam Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras
Polarization-based image enhancement.

Products by Ames Photonics

scientific linear ccd array detectors
Scientific Linear CCD Array Detectors
UV-Vis Scientific Linear CCD Array Detectors

Products by Laser Components USA, Inc.

custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
Custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
Lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules

Products by Alternative Vision Corporation

foveon f13 and dp13 cmos layered color image sensors
Foveon F13 and DP13 CMOS Layered Color Image Sensors
The Foveon X3 F13 is a 1.7x FLM (focal length multiplier) high-resolution CMOS direct color image sensor
uv-sensitive line scan ccd sensors - 2048 and 3648 pixels
UV-sensitive Line Scan CCD Sensors - 2048 and 3648 Pixels
Line-Scan CCD sensors from Sony and Toshibe coated with UV-converting dyes for response to 190 nm.

Products by greenTEG AG

laser power detector with digital signal output
Laser power detector with digital signal output
Laser power detector with digital signal output
gray laser beam position detectors
gRAY Laser Beam Position Detectors
gRAY Laser Beam Position Detectors
laser power detector measures up to 500mw on 2x2mm2
Laser Power Detector measures up to 500mW on 2x2mm2
Miniaturized Laser Power Detector
gray laser power detectors
gRAY Laser Power Detectors
Laser Power Detectors

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

angular sphere
Angular sphere
The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources
potentiostat p-if 1.6
Potentiostat P-IF 1.6
Device that measures the characteristics of the chrono-volt-amperometric signal in electrochemical systems
integrating sphere with the spectrometer
Integrating sphere with the spectrometer
Measurement of light sources propertiesThe device is used to measure properties of light sources – theirs durability, spectrum and value of the characteristics.
 echelle spectrometer with detector
Echelle spectrometer with detector
Echelle spectrometer with detector
photoelectric spectrometer
Photoelectric spectrometer
Photoelectric spectrometer for quantum efficiency measurement. Device serves as a scientific tool to automatically characterize photoelectrical properties.
kelvin probe
Kelvin Probe
The Kelvin probe system allows precise measurement of work function of different semiconducting and conducting materials with high precision and accuracy.

Products by Gentec Electro Optics, Inc.

pronto-si - compact silicon laser power meter up to 800 mw
Pronto-Si - Compact Silicon Laser Power Meter up to 800 mW
pronto-250 - compact laser power meter up to 250 w
Pronto-250 - Compact Laser Power Meter up to 250 W
The Pronto is a compact laser power meter that measures up to 250 W with just the press of a button.

Products by Stream Technologies Inc.

colorflow lens
ColorFlow Lens
Camera lens which allows monochrome cameras to take multispectral images

Products by EOITech

fiber optic bonding
Fiber Optic Bonding
Bonding of FO Faceplates and Tapers to Image Sensors

Products by Xenics Nv

xfpa-1.7-640-ln2 - swir detector
XFPA-1.7-640-LN2 - SWIR detector
LN2 cooled high resolution SWIR detector
cougar-640 - swir camera
Cougar-640 - SWIR camera
LN2 cooled high resolution SWIR camera

Products by American Infrared Solutions (AIRS)

compact high performance mini-nyx mwir camera -hot irfpa
Compact High Performance mini-Nyx MWIR Camera -HOT IRFPA
HOT MWIR 640x512 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera
infrared focal plane array (irfpa) packaging
Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFPA) Packaging
Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies (IDCA) For High Performance Cooled IRFPA

Products by Boston Electronics Corporation

sensitive fast ir detectors without cryogenics
SENSITIVE FAST IR Detectors without cryogenics


vs4-1845 image intensifier assembly
VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly
The VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly with relay lens and complete control electronics package

Products by AMS Technologies AG

Cooled Single Photon Counting Avalanche Photodiode - Discrete
Designed specifically for single photon counting applications

Products by Firebird Sensors, Inc.

mega laser power meter
MEGA Laser Power Meter
Our MEGA Laser Power Meter uses revolutionary single-crystal silicon carbide sensor technology to deliver unimagined capabilities to the Laser Power Meter marketplace.

Products by NeTHIS - New TeraHertz Imaging Systems

openview - universal laser beam camera
OpenView - Universal laser beam camera
The OpenView is an universal camera offering the largest spectral range from UV to THz domain.

Products by New England Photoconductor Corp.

infrared detectors
PbS, PbSe and InGaAs detectors. Detector and TE cooler controllers, Arrays, filters, windows, packaging, light sources and custom design.

Products by LASERTEC Inc

Dielectric coating filters made of optical materials such as Colored Glass, BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire and so

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