LaserDiode Driver 5A / 5-28VDC Delta Lasers

Laser Driver 

V-input 5V - 28VD C
V-LD: 2V - 22V / Adjust
V-TEC 1.8V - 22V DC
I-led 0 mA - 5A
Modulation  Analog 0V - 5V/3.3V/2.5V or constant current
Frequency 0-500 Khz
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Our company was founded in 2013 year , we have big experience in laser technology and laser entertainment business.

Delta Lasers Technology Ltd. is based in Europe,Bulgaria оur main production is laser display systems , laser electronics ,laser module and industrial lasers.

We are also suppliers of high quality laser accessories such as mirrors, dichro  optics, collimator lenses and more.We are a professional team and we keep our customers.