opto diode’s new nxir-5c, a red to near-ir enhanced surface-mount photodiode
Opto Diode’s New NXIR-5C, a Red to Near-IR Enhanced Surface-Mount Photodiode
Opto Diode’s NXIR-5C is specially designed for laser monitoring, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial automation, scientific measurement, and military applications.

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ofls-b - broadband light source
OFLS-B - Broadband light source
Fiber coupled broadband light source series with different wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1600 nm, up to 120nm FWHM, 30mW of power
fbguard - fiber optic sensing system
FBGuard - Fiber optic sensing system
FBGuad is FBG interrogation unit designed for measurement and data processing of measured values from FBG sensors with high sample rate, resolution and accuracy.

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