Products by MH GoPower Company Limited

isolated gate driver
Isolated Gate Driver
cell-module power beaming receiver
Cell-Module Power Beaming Receiver
Cell-Module Power Beaming Receiver
cell-array power beaming receiver
Cell-Array Power Beaming Receiver
Cell-Array Power Beaming Receiver
ppm series photonic power module
PPM Series Photonic Power Module
PPM Series Photonic Power Module

Products by Knight Optical

interference bandpass filters for gas sensors
Interference Bandpass Filters for Gas Sensors
Gas Detection Systems use IBF to identify emission of a type of gas. Different gases emit at a specific wavelength which makes it identifiable when using a relevant IBF
knight optical's wafers for substrates for ir cut off filters
Knight Optical's Wafers for substrates for IR Cut Off Filters
When it comes to a high-quality IR Cut filter, it is the substrate with the coating applied that affects performance we provide high quality wafers for precisely this!
knight optical’s  deviating penta prisms
Knight Optical’s Deviating Penta Prisms
We supply stock & custom deviation penta prisms that cover the VIS & NIR range.
knight optical’s achromatic doublets for light engines
Knight Optical’s Achromatic Doublets for Light Engines
Achromatic Doublets are typically used in light engine systems and correct for chromatic aberrations which exist in singlet lenses
knight optical's custom domes for submersible rov’s in underwater imaging, sensing and exploration
Knight Optical's Custom domes for Submersible RoV’s in underwater imaging, sensing and exploration
A dome is a window that has 2 parallel curves faces our domes ensure high clarity & transmission in the UV-NIR & FarIR spectrums allowing for accurate measurement
knight optical’s polarizers for insect vision research
Knight Optical’s Polarizers for Insect Vision Research
Knight Optical works with many leading research institutions in the field of insect vision. Knight Optical also keep stock a UV & NIR range of sheet polarizers
knight optical’s beam-splitters for use within food sorting systems
Knight Optical’s Beam-Splitters for use within Food Sorting Systems
Beam-splitter are a widely utilized technology in Optical Sorting Systems for the food industry
absorptive glass neutral density filters
Absorptive glass neutral density filters
Glass Neutral Density filters attenuate light by absorption just like the gelatin neutral density filters. Glass ND Filters are more robust
knight optical’s custom rod and cone lenses
Knight Optical’s custom rod and cone lenses
Rod lenses are a variant of cylindrical lenses used to focus incident light into a line
knight optical's custom infra-red interference band pass filters
Knight Optical's custom Infra-red interference band pass filters
Knight Optical is able to supply custom interference band-pass filters for use in the IR (1to 40µm) wavebands
knight optical’s  color glass filters for cmos sensors
Knight Optical’s Color Glass Filters for CMOS sensors
CMOS sensors are used within commercial grade Digital SLR cameras as a replacement for the more expensive CCD, our CMOS sensors are extremely sensitive to IR light
knight optical’s color glass filters for intense pulsed light
Knight Optical’s Color Glass Filters for Intense Pulsed Light
We offer you Stock and Custom Colour Glass Filters, for use within IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) in a range of materials of brands such as Schott, Kopp and CDGM
knight optical's   stock & custom λ /10 mirrors for imaging
Knight Optical's stock & custom λ /10 Mirrors for Imaging
We offer you stock & custom λ /10 mirrors for use in imaging applications, in a range of materials such as N-BK7 or equivalent , Zerodur, Quartz, UVFS & many more
knight optical’s range of custom laser mirrors
Knight Optical’s range of Custom Laser Mirrors
Knight Optical supply custom laser mirrors for use at specific laser lines from the UV (200 to 400nm) to the IR (1to 40µm) wavebands.
knight optical's  moulded optics for uv disinfection systems
Knight Optical's Moulded Optics for UV Disinfection Systems
Knight Optical provides tubes which are typically produced from quartz, borosilicate, float glass, Liba 2000, amongst other materials.
knight optical's  plane mirrors for laser distance measurements
Knight Optical's Plane Mirrors for Laser Distance Measurements
Our Plane Mirrors (general, λ/1 and λ/4), for use within Laser Distance Measurement Apps in a range such as Soda-lime float glass, white float glass, & BK7 glass
knight optical's  ball and half ball lenses for endoscopes
Knight Optical's Ball and Half Ball Lenses for Endoscopes
Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Ball Lenses, for use within Endoscopes in a range of materials such as Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz and BK7 or equivalent
knight optical's  fresnel lenses for magnification displays
Knight Optical's Fresnel Lenses for Magnification Displays
Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Fresnel Lenses, for concentrated photovoltaic applications in a range of materials such as PMMA Acrylic and Borosilicate
knight optical's  colour glass filters for anpr camera systems
Knight Optical's Colour Glass Filters for ANPR Camera Systems
Knight Optical offers Color Glass Filters for applications, such ANPR cmaeras, be it either long pass or bandpass filters
knight optical's  moulded optics for light sensors
Knight Optical's Moulded Optics for Light Sensors
Knight Optical offers a range of custom moulded optics for many different uses. On our website a range of different moulded optics can be found, both stock and custom
knight optical's fresnel lenses for retinal imaging
Knight Optical's Fresnel Lenses for Retinal Imaging
Our Fresnel Lenses consist of a flat surface with interspace concentric steps whereby each step corresponds to the surface of a conventional lenses
knight optical's injection moulded aspheric lenses for virtual reality headsets
Knight Optical's Injection Moulded Aspheric Lenses for Virtual Reality Headsets
Knight Optical offers injection moulded aspherics from a range of visible materials including PMMA, polycarbonate, polystyrene and Lexan.
knight optical's stock barium fluoride windows
Knight Optical's Stock Barium fluoride windows
Barium Fluoride (BaF₂) is a crystalline compound of barium and fluoride used in optical applications in the NIR, VIS and MWIR spectrums.
knight optical’s resolution charts
Knight Optical’s resolution charts
Our resolution charts are used to test the resolving power of microscopes for medical, laboratory applications, scanners & imaging cameras for defense & commercial apps.
knight optical calcium fluoride windows, lenses and prisms
Knight Optical Calcium Fluoride Windows, Lenses and Prisms
Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is widely used in infrared optical systems in windows, lenses, prisms and mirror substrates and is harder than Barium Fluoride.
 precision grade cover windows for thermal imaging
Precision Grade Cover Windows for Thermal Imaging
These precision grade windows are used to seal optical enclosures especially suited to CCTV and Imaging applications.
knight optical's bk7 stock and custom biconvex lenses
Knight Optical's BK7 stock and custom biconvex lenses
Knight Optical's stock range of quality grade N-BK7 or equivalent biconvex lenses are available uncoated or broadband AR coated
knight optical's  anpr/alpr  stock or custom nir, led band-pass filters
Knight Optical's ANPR/ALPR Stock or Custom NIR, LED band-pass filters
Knight Optical offers these carefully designed stock or custom NIR band-pass filters for use in ANPR/ALPR camera applications.
knight opticals'  stock and custom color glass type longpass filters
Knight Opticals' Stock and Custom Color Glass Type Longpass filters
Our long-pass stock range of color glass filters have uniform spectral transmission properties over their entire aperture
infra-red optics - sapphire spherical lenses
Infra-red optics - Sapphire Spherical Lenses
We supply a range of IR Sapphire Lens solutions and offer plano convex, biconvex and concave sapphire lens solutions.
knight optical's  custom infra-red gas cells
Knight Optical's Custom Infra-red Gas Cells
Knight optical offers a broad variety of gas transmission cells are available for the analysis of gas and vapour phase components in infrared optical spectroscopy.
knight optical's monochromatic light units for optical flats
Knight Optical's Monochromatic light units for optical flats
Monochromatic lights have a low pressure sodium light source that emits monochromatic light in which rays have virtually the same wavelength.
knight optical knight optical supply a range of quality yag optical components read more
Knight Optical Knight Optical supply a range of quality YAG optical components read more
Knight Optical supply a range of quality customYAG optical components including YAG windows, YAG lenses
knight optical's z-cut quartz windows
Knight Optical's Z-cut quartz windows
Z-cut quartz windows (SiO2) is a birefringent material used in the manuf. of polarizers. It is used as windows, retarders, & wave-plates in the 1 to 3.5µm waveband
knight optical's tapered homogenizing rods for ipl applications
Knight Optical's Tapered Homogenizing Rods for IPL Applications
Intense Pulsed Light Systems use not only use filters, that are used to filter out the UV wavelength range; & transmit between 400-1200nm for use within cosmetic lasers
knight optical's quality assured moulded plastic aspheric lenses for military application
Knight Optical's Quality Assured Moulded Plastic Aspheric Lenses for Military Application
We offer QA Custom Moulded Aspheric Lenses for use within Military Applications they are ideal for use within Gun Sights, Military Scopes and Range finding applications
knight optical's sapphire ball lenses for fibre optics
Knight Optical's Sapphire Ball Lenses for Fibre Optics
Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Sapphire Ball Lenses, for use within Fibre Optics, Signal Coupling and Barcode Scanners.
knight optical offer a range of stock sapphire windows, for use within infrared systems
Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Sapphire Windows, for use within Infrared Systems
We offer Sapphire optics for UV, Visible, NIR (0.9 to 1.5µm) & Mid-Waveband Infra-Red (MWIR, 3 to 5µm) Imaging Systems, Sapphire has good transmission in the MWIR
knight optical's  bk7 windows for traffic monitor lidar systems
Knight Optical's BK7 Windows for Traffic Monitor LiDAR Systems
Knight Optical offer a range of Stock BK7 Windows, for use within Traffic Monitoring LiDAR Systems. These LiDAR systems are used in traffic enforcement etc.
knight optical homogenizing rods for electrical instruments
Knight Optical Homogenizing Rods for Electrical Instruments
Knight Optical can offer Custom Homogenizing Rods for use within Electrical Instruments.The Light source will enter a light pipe at a variety of incident angles,
knight optical's sapphire cylindrical lenses for endoscopes
Knight Optical's Sapphire Cylindrical Lenses for Endoscopes
Knight optical increases range of sapphire cylindrical lenses for Endoscopes for Endoscopes, Lenses are fully inspected on their quality in our ISO 9001 certified lab
knight optical offers a comprehensive range of optics for  lidar applications call today
Knight Optical offers a comprehensive range of optics for LiDAR applications call today
Knight Optical offers a comprehensive range of optics for LiDAR applications
knight optical's equilateral prisms (un-coated & ar coated)
Knight Optical's Equilateral prisms (un-coated & AR coated)
These dispersing equilateral dispersing prisms have a very simple triangular cross section. Equilateral dispersion prisms are commonly used for wavelength separations
knight optical's  zerodur optical flats
Knight Optical's Zerodur optical flats
Optical flats are single precision flat surfaces. They are used as reference surfaces to compare flatness of a substrate where flatness is unknown.
knight optical's glan-taylor crystal polarisers
Knight Optical's Glan-Taylor crystal polarisers
We supply custom Glan-Taylor polarizers for use in the UV, visual, & NIR wavebands (<0.2 to >2.3µm) they are supplied mounted in quality blackened aluminum.
custom qa light guides from knight optical (usa) llc
Custom QA Light Guides from Knight Optical (USA) LLC
Our custom UV fused silica light guides also provide over 90% transmission at 335nm and work efficiently down to 185nm, making them an excellent alternative to BK7
diamond turned aspheric lenses for night vision goggles
Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses for Night Vision Goggles
Diamond turned aspheric lenses are typically used in optical assemblies such as night vision goggles, missile guidance systems, and other military based instruments
germanium windows for gas detection
Germanium Windows for Gas Detection
Knight Optical provide a number of optical components that are used in Gas Detection Systems including Germanium Windows
dichroic filters for scientific instruments and stage and entertainment lighting.
Dichroic Filters for Scientific Instruments and Stage and Entertainment Lighting.
We hold a massive inventory of Bandpass, Long Pass, Short Pass, Band-Blocking and Color-Correction filters.
diamond turned aspheric lenses.
Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses.
Knight Optical supplies a range of infrared diamond turned aspheric lenses.
custom germanium windows for thermal imaging applications
Custom Germanium Windows for Thermal Imaging applications
Germanium Optics for Infra-red systems between µm 1.7 and 14 µm.
knight optical's custom domes for extreme environments
Knight Optical's Custom Domes for Extreme Environments
Knight Optical manfactures custom domes for extreme environments such as underwater imaging, sensing and exploration.

Products by Redwave Glass LLC

mg line of chalcogenide ir glass
MG Line of Chalcogenide IR Glass
Chalcogenide glass, blanks and complete parts


adaptive lenses
Dynamic Optics manufactures unique multi actuator adaptive lenses for wavefront correction and image focusing.

Products by Hitronics Technologies Inc.

diode laser optics
Diode Laser Optics
Hitronics provides optics solution for Diode Laser, including SAC, Mirror, Filter, Waveplate, PBC, Focusing Lens, etc.

Products by COMAR Optics

Custom Lenses for OEMs

Products by Blue Sky Instruments, LLC

agilent tunable laser modules
Agilent Tunable Laser Modules
Refurbished Agilent Tunable Laser Modules

Products by Rocky Mountain Instrument Co

Right angle, corner cube retro-reflectors, penta, porro, dove
Spherical Lenses, Cylindrical Lenses, Aspherical Lenses
Color Glass Filters, Dichroic Filters
UV, Cubes, Broadband, High Power, Thin Film, IR
beamsplitters / non polarizers
Beamsplitters / Non Polarizers
High power, non-polarizing, IR, IR Non-polarizing, broadband, cube, Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators
partial reflectors & output couplers
Partial Reflectors & Output Couplers
Partial Reflectors, excimer, YAG, CO2 partial reflector mirrors, Nd:YLF, He-Ne, Ruby
Blanks, Excimer, YAG, CO2, CO2 Phase Retarding, Laserline, Metal, Broadband
Plane, Parallel, Brewster, Flats large Wedge, Rectangular & Square, Laser windows, excimer windows

Products by REFLEX Analytical Corporation

optical coatings and metallization
Optical Coatings and Metallization
REFLEX Analytical enhances the performance of their broad line of optical components with high quality metallization and spectral coatings from 180nm to 25µm.
transmission windows, vacuum ultraviolet - infrared
Transmission Windows, Vacuum Ultraviolet - Infrared
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of optical transmission window materials covering wavelengths from VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) to the Far-IR (infrared).
co2 laser focus lenses
CO2 Laser Focus Lenses
REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of low absorption CO2 laser ZnSe plano-convex and meniscus focus lenses. Diameters include 1.10", 1.50", 2.00" and 2.50"
atr prisms, rods, hemispheres and more
ATR Prisms, Rods, Hemispheres and More
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of trapezoids, parallelograms, prisms, hemispheres and rods. Choose from a variety of materials & over 500 ATR dimensions.
lenses, vacuum ultraviolet - far infrared
Lenses, Vacuum Ultraviolet - Far Infrared
REFLEX Analytical's VUV to infrared lens fabrication includes plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, positive meniscus, negative meniscus and aspheric lens geometries.

Products by LightPath Technologies

connectorized  collimators
LightPath Technologies produces a wide range of products designed to collect light from a fiber optic cable and produce a collimated beam.
thermal imaging assemblies
Thermal Imaging Assemblies
Infrared lenses designed for thermal imaging cameras operating in the mid-wave and long-wave infrared (MWIR, LWIR) bands.

Products by Micron Optics Inc

si155 optical sensing instrument
si155 Optical Sensing Instrument
si155 Optical Sensing Instrument

Products by EquiScientific-Photonics

fiber optic communications bench top integrated modular laboratory experiments kit
Fiber Optic Communications Bench Top Integrated Modular Laboratory Experiments Kit
Fiber Optic Communications Bench Top Integrated Modular Laboratory Experiments Kit (UK Patent UK Patent No. GB 2484868 B)

Products by HORIBA Scientific

horiba scientific announces new back-illuminated syncerity vuv ccd camera
HORIBA Scientific Announces New Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera
Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Deep Cooled, Back-Illuminated VUV CCD Scientific Camera

Products by Chenter Industries Group Limited

standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies

Products by Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)

dsi® offers seamless, uniform, lpcvd optical coatings on  ball lenses, complex shapes & substrates
DSI® Offers Seamless, Uniform, LPCVD Optical Coatings on Ball Lenses, Complex Shapes & Substrates
DSI's ultra-durable, low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) coatings are available on a various substrates

Products by asphericon GmbH

More flexible, more accurate, more economical: Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffractionlimited SPA™ Beam Expander Kit
Discover Plug & Play Perfection - precisely fitting for aspheres.

Products by Infinite Optics

thin film coating services using ebg & iad
Thin Film Coating Services using EBG & IAD
Infinite Optics supplies coatings on fibers, filters, lenses, beam splitters, prototype designs and R&D solutions.

Products by CODIXX

colorpol® polarizers
colorPol® polarizers
Flexibility of the colorPol® technology allows for the production of customized polarizers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs.

Products by Fantom Materials, Inc

cvc sic optical material components
CVC SiC Optical Material Components
Custom CVC SiC® components for high performance optics

Products by Meadowlark Optics

polarization solutions
Polarization Solutions
Optical Components/Systems: SLMs, Waveplates, LC Devices, Tunable Filters, Polarizers, Polarimeters, Pockels Cells as well as Custom Fabrication & Engineering Services.

Products by Holographix LLC

microlens array samples now available!
Microlens Array Samples Now Available!
Holographix now offers high quality sample microlens arrays for evaluation.
wafer level optics manufacturing
Wafer Level Optics Manufacturing
Holographix offers wafer-level manufacturing of custom microlens arrays and diffraction gratings, providing top quality, high volume chip-level optical components.
custom microlens array manufacturing
Custom Microlens Array Manufacturing
Holographix offers high fidelity, custom microlens array solutions. Our proprietary replication process provides a cost-effective alternative to competing processes.
custom diffractive waveguides for your hud and hmd systems
Custom Diffractive Waveguides for Your HUD and HMD Systems
Diffractive waveguides are the preferred technology for today’s see-thru optical displays including Head-Mounted Displays, Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) and Augmented Reality.
high efficiency transmission gratings
High Efficiency Transmission Gratings
Custom designed, high efficiency replicated transmission gratings with low stray light! Cost effective alternative to volume phase gratings.

Products by Alternative Vision Corporation

x-cube prism, 3-port, 10 to 50 mm, s or p polarization
X-cube Prism, 3-Port, 10 to 50 mm, S or P Polarization
X-cube prism for three-wavelength illumination combining or separating
tfp all-glass dichroic filter wheel assemblies
TFP All-Glass Dichroic Filter Wheel Assemblies
Filter wheels with no spaces between the glass segments, motors, encoders and timing marks are available

Products by Varioptic, a Business Unit of Parrot Drones SAS

variable focus liquid lenses - arctic series
Variable focus Liquid Lenses - Arctic series

Products by Somerville Laser Technology, LLC

white lightning fiber-coupled pump modules
White Lightning Fiber-Coupled Pump Modules
Highest power-conversion efficiency, high-power fiber-coupled pump-module for fiber-based, directed-energy lasers.

Products by R. Mathews Optical Works, Inc.

aspheric optics
Aspheric optics
Aspheric lenses, acylinders, aspheric mirrors

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

water cooling system
Water cooling system
It’s used to cool, for example, the xenon lamp
low em emission chopper/shutter
Low EM emission chopper/shutter
The device can work in chopper or shutter mode
filter wheel
Filter wheel
Makes it able to place the optical filters onto the light beam coming out of monochromator.
angular sphere
Angular sphere
The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources
potentiostat p-if 1.6
Potentiostat P-IF 1.6
Device that measures the characteristics of the chrono-volt-amperometric signal in electrochemical systems
 illuminator 470 nm
Illuminator 470 nm
Illuminator with adjustable light intensity
 xe illuminator 150 w
Xe illuminator 150 W
Up to 70% of emitted radiation is captured by the reflector and directed at an illuminated sample
integrating sphere with the spectrometer
Integrating sphere with the spectrometer
Measurement of light sources propertiesThe device is used to measure properties of light sources – theirs durability, spectrum and value of the characteristics.
A monochromator is an optical device that transmits only narrow, selectable band chosen from a wider range of wavelengths available at the input.

Products by eSource Optics

ultraviolet (uv) plano-convex spherical lenses
Ultraviolet (UV) Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses
Ultraviolet (UV) Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses are available in high purity UV Grade Fused Silica for imaging applications from ~180nm to NIR
esource optics broadband vuv-uv optical beamsplitters (bbvuvbs)
eSource Optics Broadband VUV-UV Optical Beamsplitters (BBVUVBS)
VUV-UV broadband beamsplitter optical coatings that are designed to provide 40% to 50% average Reflectance and Transmission, 170nm to 300nm @ 45 degrees AOI Unpolarized.
uv neutral density optical filters
UV Neutral Density Optical Filters
UV Neutral Density Optical Filters are available with Optical Densities (O.D.) ranging from 0.30 to 4.00 over the broadband UV wavelength range of 200m to 320nm.
ultraviolet  (uv) optical bandpass filters
Ultraviolet (UV) Optical Bandpass Filters
eSource Optics Ultraviolet (UV) Optical Bandpass Filters are available at specific peak wavelengths over the UV wavelength range of 220nm to 320nm.
vuv-uv grade optical windows
VUV-UV Grade Optical Windows
Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV-UV) Optical Windows are available from select VUV Grade Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2); Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) & Sapphire.
vuv-uv plano-convex spherical lenses
VUV-UV Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses
VUV-UV Plano-Convex Spherical Lenses are available in select VUV Grade Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) and VUV Grade Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) crystalline materials.
vuv-uv broadband flat & spherical mirrors and coatings
VUV-UV Broadband Flat & Spherical Mirrors and Coatings
VUV-UV Broadband Flat & Plano-Concave Mirrors: High Reflectance Al & MgF2 Mirror Coatings, high reflectivity optimized from at wavelengths ~121.6nm to 200nm.
vacuum uv broadband optical filters
Vacuum UV Broadband Optical Filters
eSource Optics Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Broadband Optical Filters are available at specific peak Vacuum UV (VUV) wavelengths as short as 130nm up to 214nm.
vacuum uv optical bandpass filters
Vacuum UV Optical Bandpass Filters
VUV Optical Bandpass Filters are available at specific peak Vacuum UV (VUV) wavelengths as short as the 122nm Lyman Alpha line up to 214nm.

Products by Sydor Optics, Inc.

custom plate beamsplitters
Custom Plate Beamsplitters
Sydor Optics manufactures precision plate beamsplitters based on your custom specifications.
custom light pipes / light guides / homogenizing rods
Custom Light Pipes / Light Guides / Homogenizing Rods
Sydor Optics manufactures precision light pipes based on your custom specifications.
custom optical wedge prisms
Custom Optical Wedge Prisms
Sydor Optics manufactures precision optical wedge prisms based on your custom specifications.
custom optical mirrors
Custom Optical Mirrors
Sydor Optics manufactures precision optical mirrors based on your custom specifications.
custom glass filters
Custom Glass Filters
Sydor Optics manufactures precision optical filters based on your custom specifications.
custom optical windows
Custom Optical Windows
Sydor Optics manufactures precision optical windows based on your custom specifications.
custom glass wafers
Custom Glass Wafers
Sydor Optics manufactures precision glass wafers based on your custom specifications.

Products by Diamond SA

laser and led transmitter modules (mat) and photodiode receiver modules (mar)
Laser and LED transmitter modules (MAT) and photodiode receiver modules (MAR)
Laser and LED transmitter modules (MAT) as well as photodiode receiver modules (MAR) suitable for use in the first and second window.
interface module (imod)
Interface Module (IMOD)
The Interface Module (IMOD) has been developed as a half adapter for free space application of optical connector.

Products by IRD Glass

custom optical filters for medical device oem's
Custom Optical Filters for Medical Device OEM's
Custom Filters using filter glass and thin film coatings
custom hldt mirrors, homogenizers and cavity reflectors for laser oem's
Custom HLDT Mirrors, Homogenizers and Cavity Reflectors for Laser OEM's
Custom HLDT Mirrors, Homogenizers and Cavity Reflectors for Laser OEM's

Products by Delta Optical Thin Film A/S

linear variable bandpass filters for hyperspectral imaging (hsi)
Linear Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)
Linear Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)
high-performance optical thin film components
High-performance optical thin film components
Linear Variable Filters

Products by Altechna

high energy waveplates
High Energy Waveplates
Epoxy free waveplates for high energy applications withstand energy density up to >20 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm for 10 ns pulses with 10 Hz pulse repetition rate
mid-ir waveplates
Mid-IR Waveplates
Zero Order half waveplates and quarter waveplates with clear aperture from 10 mm up to 18 mm for the range 2.8-9.0 microns
polarizing cubes for high energy applications
Polarizing Cubes for High Energy Applications
Optically contacted polarizing beamsplitter cubes are optimized for superior performance in high power applications.
yb:kgw and yb:kyw crystals
Yb:KGW and Yb:KYW Crystals
Yb:KGW and Yb:KYW crystals are used as lasing materials to generate ultrashort high power pulses.
s-waveplate (radial polarization converter)
S-waveplate (Radial Polarization Converter)
S-waveplate is a super-structured waveplate which converts incident linear polarization to radial or azimuthal polarization.
low gdd ultrafast mirrors
Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors
Low GDD Ultrafast mirrors are designed for femtosecond applications to provide an optimized performance at certain wavelength and angle of incidence (AOI).
gires-tournois interferometer mirrors (gti)
Gires-Tournois Interferometer Mirrors (GTI)
A Gires–Tournois interferometer (GTI) is an optical standing-wave resonator designed for generating chromatic dispersion.
ti:sapphire laser crystals
Ti:Sapphire Laser Crystals
Titanium doped Sapphire is used for making ultra short pulse solid-state or wavelength tunable lasers.

Products by Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc.

custom thin film coatings
Custom Thin Film Coatings
UV / VIS / IR Coatings

Products by Addison Precision Manufacturing

precision machined mechanical components certified in: iso:9001; as9100; itar; nadcap
Precision machined mechanical components certified in: ISO:9001; AS9100; ITAR; NADCAP
Custom machined mechanical components to print


custom optical manufacturing solution (oms) services
Custom Optical Manufacturing Solution (OMS) services

Products by North American Coating Laboratories

optical coatings for polymeric and glass optics
Optical Coatings for polymeric and glass optics
Optical coatings for polymer and glass optics

Products by AMS Technologies AG

visible wavelength combiner
Visible Wavelength Combiner
LightComm’s Visible Wavelength Combiners are single mode optical fiber components and modules.

Products by ALPAO

alpao deformable mirrors
State-of-the-art Deformable Mirrors
optical filters and coatings from uv-lwir
Optical Filters and coatings from UV-LWIR
Optical thin film filters and coatings from UV to LWIR

Products by LASERTEC Inc

optical prism
Optical Prism
BK7 prisms are recommended for general laboratory use in the visible and near IR. For UV, infraved, or thermally sensitive applications Fused Silica prisms are advised.
dkdp pockels cell
DKDP pockels cell
KD*P (Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate) is the most widely used material for electro-optical applications due to its excellent E-O properties.
rtp pockels cell
RTP Pockels cell
RTP is an isomorph to Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4, KTP), a highly efficient non-linear crystalline material.
bbo crystal
BBO crystal
Beta Barium Borate - BBO is a nonlinear optical crystal with combination of a number of unique features
Dielectric coating filters made of optical materials such as Colored Glass, BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire and so
ktp crystals
KTP crystals
KTP (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate, KTiOPO4) is a nonlinear optical material generally used for doubling of solid-state lasers
ndyag crysals
NdYAG crysals
Neodymium-doped Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal is the best of the rare earth garnet materials
High precision Lenses for imaging, medical , lasers and optical systems.
optical windows
optical windows
Precision optical windows

Products by Newlight Photonics Inc.

newlight photonics inc.
Newlight Photonics Inc.
Nonlinear optical crystals: BBO, LBO, KTA, Ultrafast Laser Frequency Converters, Waveplates, Polarizers, Optical Windows

Products by Lincoln Laser

laser beam delivery systems - galvo & poly scan heads, designs and components
Laser Beam Delivery Systems - Galvo & Poly Scan Heads, designs and components

Products by Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

focal beam shaper
Focal Beam Shaper
ir optics
IR Optics

Products by ElectroniCast Consultants

global market and technology forecasts and analysis
Global Market and Technology Forecasts and Analysis
Multiclient studies or custom studies on topics ranging from strategic business planning to markets, competition, acquisition strategy etc.

Products by Inrad Optics

optical components
Optical components
Inrad produces Xray focusing mirrors, large transmission windows, aspheric mirrors, nonlinear crystals, neutron detection crystals, and opto-mechanical assemblies.

Products by W2 Optronics Inc

miniatured passive device
Miniatured passive device
Miniature VOA/switch/Tap PD, metalized fibers/hermetic feedthrus, PM components, special fiber-array and collimator, MPO/MTP loopback/breakout/cable

Products by Precision Optical Diffusers

precision optical high power diffusers
Precision Optical high power Diffusers
All Glass Precision optical Circular and Elliptical Light Designing Diffusers

Products by Fiber Plus International

bullet® bare fiber adapter
Bullet® Bare Fiber Adapter
The Bullet® provides a simple and easy method to quickly interconnect any standard fiber connector to a piece of unterminated (bare) fiber to meet test requirements.
divot® bare fiber testing device
Divot® Bare Fiber Testing Device
Quickly test bare fiber without terminating

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