Products By Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Knight Optical's Colour Glass Filters for ANPR Camera Systems

Knight Optical offers Color Glass Filters for applications, such ANPR cmaeras, be it either long pass or bandpass filters

Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses.

Knight Optical supplies a range of infrared diamond turned aspheric lenses.

Interference Bandpass Filters for Gas Sensors

Gas Detection Systems use IBF to identify emission of a type of gas. Different gases emit at a specific wavelength which makes it identifiable when using a relevant IBF

Knight Optical's Wafers for substrates for IR Cut Off Filters

When it comes to a high-quality IR Cut filter, it is the substrate with the coating applied that affects performance we provide high quality wafers for precisely this!


Knight Optical has successfully launched a range of Stock Optical Domes for use in Pyronometers

Absorptive glass neutral density filters

Glass Neutral Density filters attenuate light by absorption just like the gelatin neutral density filters. Glass ND Filters are more robust

Knight Optical's Moulded Optics for UV Disinfection Systems

Knight Optical provides tubes which are typically produced from quartz, borosilicate, float glass, Liba 2000, amongst other materials.

Knight Optical's Plane Mirrors for Laser Distance Measurements

Our Plane Mirrors (general, λ/1 and λ/4), for use within Laser Distance Measurement Apps in a range such as Soda-lime float glass, white float glass, & BK7 glass

Knight Optical's Ball and Half Ball Lenses for Endoscopes

Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Ball Lenses, for use within Endoscopes in a range of materials such as Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz and BK7 or equivalent

Knight Optical's Fresnel Lenses for Magnification Displays

Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Fresnel Lenses, for concentrated photovoltaic applications in a range of materials such as PMMA Acrylic and Borosilicate