Products by Abrisa Technologies

precision thin film coatings for optical components
Precision Thin Film Coatings for Optical Components
Thin film coating services for fabricated glass, wafers, filters, etc. Coatings offered from 200nm in the UV to 20 microns in the far infrared.
0-60 degree polarization optimized anti-reflection (ar) coatings for p-plane & s-plane polarization
0-60 Degree Polarization Optimized Anti-reflection (AR) Coatings for P-plane & S-plane Polarization
Abrisa Technologies now offers very wide angle anti-reflection (AR) coatings for p-plane or s-plane polarization.
wide angle, vis to swir sensor & scanner window solutions
Wide Angle, VIS to SWIR Sensor & Scanner Window Solutions
High throughput efficiency Wide Angle, Broad Spectrum Sensor and Laser Scanning Window solutions for VIS to SWIR.

Products by Knight Optical

knight optical thermal imaging coatings are diamond !
Knight Optical thermal imaging coatings are Diamond !
We are very experienced within the Thermal Imaging market, including anti-reflective and diamond-like-carbon coatings used on the optical components in these systems
optical components
znse - zinc selenide
ZnSe - Zinc Selenide
DOW Laser Grade and IR Grade ZnSe. We coat, grind and polish all material in-house
co2 optics
CO2 Optics
We produce, coat, grind and polish ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Copper,CaF2, BaF2
optical filters and coatings from uv-lwir
Optical Filters and coatings from UV-LWIR
Optical thin film filters and coatings from UV to LWIR

Products by COMAR Optics

Custom Lenses for OEMs

Products by Guernsey Coating Laboratories, Inc.

silver coatings - highly durable, passes salt fog testing
Silver Coatings - Highly Durable, Passes Salt Fog Testing
Silver Mirror Coatings - 30+ years perfecting the best, most durable metal coatings

Products by TelAztec LLC

high laser damage threshold anti-reflection nano-textures
High Laser Damage Threshold Anti-Reflection Nano-textures
Anti-Reflection Nano-textures, high laser damage threshold, no added absorption, ultra-broad band, long lifetime

Products by Rocky Mountain Instrument Co

Anit Reflection, high reflection, partial reflection, metal mirrors, phase retarding, non-polarizers, polarizers, dichroic filters
ir/flir optics
IR/FLIR Optics
RMI’s IR production capabilities include diamond turned aspheric lenses, IR elements up to 12” dia., environmentally durable MWIR & LWIR coatings and opto-mech assemblies

Products by Oplatek Group Oy

design and manufacturing services
Design and manufacturing services
Optical and Fiber Optical components, modules and devices.

Products by Alkor Technologies

germanium windows
Germanium windows
Germanium windows at very competitive prices
caf2 windows, caf2 lenses
CaF2 windows, CaF2 lenses
Germanium windows, Ge window

Products by Precision Glass & Optics

pg&o® provides turnkey optical solutions - from prototype to volume production;
PG&O® provides turnkey optical solutions - from prototype to volume production;
For innovative precision optics, PG&O is your one-stop-shop. We proudly deliver optical solutions to a wide variety of industries, including yours.

Products by REFLEX Analytical Corporation

optical coatings and metallization
Optical Coatings and Metallization
REFLEX Analytical enhances the performance of their broad line of optical components with high quality metallization and spectral coatings from 180nm to 25µm.
transmission windows, vacuum ultraviolet - infrared
Transmission Windows, Vacuum Ultraviolet - Infrared
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of optical transmission window materials covering wavelengths from VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) to the Far-IR (infrared).
co2 laser focus lenses
CO2 Laser Focus Lenses
REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of low absorption CO2 laser ZnSe plano-convex and meniscus focus lenses. Diameters include 1.10", 1.50", 2.00" and 2.50"
atr prisms, rods, hemispheres and more
ATR Prisms, Rods, Hemispheres and More
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of trapezoids, parallelograms, prisms, hemispheres and rods. Choose from a variety of materials & over 500 ATR dimensions.
lenses, vacuum ultraviolet - far infrared
Lenses, Vacuum Ultraviolet - Far Infrared
REFLEX Analytical's VUV to infrared lens fabrication includes plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, positive meniscus, negative meniscus and aspheric lens geometries.
optics, prisms, lenses, coatings, metallization and more
Optics, Prisms, Lenses, Coatings, Metallization and More
REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of optical materials, fiberoptics & polarizers covering wavelengths from VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) to the Far-IR (infrared).

Products by Omega Optical Filters

omega optical filters defense applications
Omega Optical Filters Defense Applications
products by omega optical filters
Products by Omega Optical Filters
Linear Variable Filters
omega optical capabilities
Omega Optical Capabilities

Products by American Photonics

optical laser lens
Optical Laser LENS

Products by Chenter Industries Group Limited

standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies

Products by Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)

dsi® offers seamless, uniform, lpcvd optical coatings on  ball lenses, complex shapes & substrates
DSI® Offers Seamless, Uniform, LPCVD Optical Coatings on Ball Lenses, Complex Shapes & Substrates
DSI's ultra-durable, low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) coatings are available on a various substrates

Products by Infinite Optics

infinite optics general capabilities
Infinite Optics General Capabilities
Thin film coatings and optics for astronomical telescopes and instrumentation
thin film coating services using ebg & iad
Thin Film Coating Services using EBG & IAD
Infinite Optics supplies coatings on fibers, filters, lenses, beam splitters, prototype designs and R&D solutions.

Products by asphericon GmbH

More flexible, more accurate, more economical: Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffractionlimited SPA™ Beam Expander Kit
Discover Plug & Play Perfection - precisely fitting for aspheres.

Products by Laser Components USA, Inc.

custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
Custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
Lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules

Products by E.R. Precision Optics

Full custom Ge & Si crystal growing capability

Products by Hind High Vacuum Company Pvt Ltd

thin film coatings
Thin Film Coatings

Products by East Tender Optoelectronics Corp.

thin film filters
Thin Film Filters
DWDM100G,200G,CWDM for data center, for QSFP, LWDM for CFP2/CFP4. BPF850, PBS&PBC. Mini size Prism. FTTH filters, High reflection mirror.Customerzied filters

Products by IRD Glass

custom optical filters for medical device oem's
Custom Optical Filters for Medical Device OEM's
Custom Filters using filter glass and thin film coatings

Products by Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc.

ntfl coating capabilities
NTFL Coating Capabilities
Newport Thin Film Laboratory is a fully equipped clean room coating facility.
custom thin film coatings
Custom Thin Film Coatings
UV / VIS / IR Coatings

Products by North American Coating Laboratories

optical coatings for polymeric and glass optics
Optical Coatings for polymeric and glass optics
Optical coatings for polymer and glass optics

Products by LASERTEC Inc

optical prism
Optical Prism
BK7 prisms are recommended for general laboratory use in the visible and near IR. For UV, infraved, or thermally sensitive applications Fused Silica prisms are advised.
dkdp pockels cell
DKDP pockels cell
KD*P (Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate) is the most widely used material for electro-optical applications due to its excellent E-O properties.
rtp pockels cell
RTP Pockels cell
RTP is an isomorph to Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4, KTP), a highly efficient non-linear crystalline material.
bbo crystal
BBO crystal
Beta Barium Borate - BBO is a nonlinear optical crystal with combination of a number of unique features
Dielectric coating filters made of optical materials such as Colored Glass, BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire and so
ndyag crysals
NdYAG crysals
Neodymium-doped Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) crystal is the best of the rare earth garnet materials
High precision Lenses for imaging, medical , lasers and optical systems.
optical windows
optical windows
Precision optical windows

Products by Newlight Photonics Inc.

newlight photonics inc.
Newlight Photonics Inc.
Nonlinear optical crystals: BBO, LBO, KTA, Ultrafast Laser Frequency Converters, Waveplates, Polarizers, Optical Windows

Products by Delta Optical Thin Film A/S

high-performance optical thin film components
High-performance optical thin film components
Linear Variable Filters

Products by Inrad Optics

optical components
Optical components
Inrad produces Xray focusing mirrors, large transmission windows, aspheric mirrors, nonlinear crystals, neutron detection crystals, and opto-mechanical assemblies.

Products by MaxEmil Photonics Corp

imaging lens module
Imaging Lens Module
Our Imaging Lens Module uses integration technologies to assemble and test all types of opto-mechanical and electro-optical sub-assemblies.

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