Products in Components

Germanium Windows

Customized Germanium Windows;Anti-reflection coating and DLC coating for far infrared applications; Quality optical polished.

Customized Optics Mirrors

Customized optical mirrors and laser mirrors. A variety of substrates and various types, coated with metallic reflective coating or dielectric HR coating.

200mm Sapphire Window

Large sapphire window, Ultra-pure KY sapphire crystal, Square or Rectangle size 200mm. Customized shapes and optical coatings.

UV Fused Silica Optical Lenses

Custom UV fused silica / fused quartz spherical lenses. Corning 7980, JGS1, NKFS.

AR coated germanium windows

Custom AR and DLC coated germanium windows for infrared detection and infrared imaging systems.

IPL Light Guides

Creator Optics provides customized IPL light guides and filters.

LUNA Spatial Light Modulator

The compact LUNA Spatial Light Modulator is especially designed for integration into small sized or even portable solutions. The device features a resolution of 1920 x 180 pixels with 4.5 ┬Ám pixel pitch.