Products by Difrotec

interferometer d7
Interferometer D7
Ultra-high accuracy phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer for testing surface form and wavefront quality of precise optical elements and systems

Products by Zygo Corporation

zygo newview™ 9000 - 3d optical profiler
ZYGO NewView™ 9000 - 3D Optical Profiler
3D Optical Profiler
zygo nexview™ nx2 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nexview™ NX2 3D Optical Profiler
Next Generation Surface Metrology System
zygo nomad™ portable 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nomad™ Portable 3D Optical Profiler
Innovative, Portable and Precise 3D Surface Metrology Enables Advanced Process Control for Large Optics Manufacturing
zygo verifire™ laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ Laser Interferometer
Precise, vibration-robust laser interferometer system

Products by VLC Photonics

pic characterization and test
PIC Characterization and Test
PIC Characterization and Test

Products by Safibra

multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel laser source with uniformly distributed light into fiber bundle up to 14x14
fttx cabinet monitoring system
FTTx cabinet monitoring system
FTTx cabinet, entrance & vandalism monitoring
ofls-b - broadband light source
OFLS-B - Broadband light source
Fiber coupled broadband light source series with different wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1600 nm, up to 120nm FWHM, 30mW of power

Products by Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

bbc-58 collimator
BBC-58 Collimator
oem blackbody
OEM Blackbody
Designed for automated self-calibration of infrared systems
bb-100 single point blackbody
BB-100 Single Point Blackbody
The BB-100 Single Point Blackbody has a 4” Diameter Aperture for Large Sensors and Long Stand-off Operation.

Products by Blue Sky Instruments, LLC

agilent tunable laser modules
Agilent Tunable Laser Modules
Refurbished Agilent Tunable Laser Modules

Products by McPherson

imaging spectrometer for vacuum ultraviolet (vuv)
Imaging spectrometer for vacuum ultraviolet (VUV)
McPherson one-meter vacuum spectrometers are now capable of imaging. The ability to measure both spatial and wavelength resolution is important in many applications
improved deep ultraviolet spectrum measurements
Improved deep ultraviolet spectrum measurements
New digital flow controllers improve measurement accuracy in VUVAS ultraviolet spectrophotometer systems and improve lifetime of ultraviolet lamps at short wavelengths
deep ultraviolet polarization
Deep Ultraviolet Polarization
Novel instrument measures optical reflectance as a function of angle of incidence in non-polarized light
new high brightness monochromator
New High Brightness Monochromator
An ideal instrument for use in tunable light source systems for illumination, imaging and spectroscopy

Products by fionec GmbH

fiber optic distance measuring instruments - fdm series
Fiber optic distance measuring instruments - FDM series
Interferometer featuring miniaturized probes for high-precision, non-contact surface profile measurements, GD&T testing and position detection in the most confined spaces

Products by Electro Optical Components, Inc.

high efficiency ir components
High Efficiency IR Components
Micro-Hybrid thermopile detectors and Micro-Hybrid radiation-intensive IR emitter

Products by QPS Photronics

power transformer guard
Power Transformer Guard
​An integrated system with dual ability to measure both vibration and temperature for the purpose of extending your asset lifetime

Products by Particle Measuring Systems

syringe liquid particle sampler
Syringe Liquid Particle Sampler
The SLS measures particles in liquids like a cleaning bath or chemicals by delivering the sample directly to the sensor from a cleaning line or chemical container.
lasair iii 310c portable particle counter
Lasair III 310C Portable Particle Counter
The Lasair III sets the standard for portable aerosol particle counters. Used for continuous and mobile production monitoring or particle excursion troubleshooting.

Products by AIR-VAC Engineering

director, automation & assembly
Director, Automation & Assembly
Micro Assembly Machines IC-900

Products by Lumetrics

clas-ir wavefront sensor
CLAS-IR Wavefront sensor
Wavefront measurements and laser beam analysis

Products by Äpre Instruments

upgrade your interferometer
Upgrade Your Interferometer
Turn key interferometer upgrades for 30% the price of a new interferometer
s100|hr fizeau interferometer
S100|HR Fizeau Interferometer
See more details, and converge faster with high slope acceptance: 6 seconds from measurement‐to‐custom report

Products by Technica Optical Components, LLC

high tensile strength temperature cable sensor
High Tensile Strength Temperature Cable Sensor
The T140 is an optical armored temperature FBG cable sensor designed for monitoring temperature in harsh environments.
high sensitivity strain & temperature  fbg cable sensor
High Sensitivity Strain & Temperature FBG Cable Sensor
The T130 is a small dimension high sensitivity FBG cable sensor designed for monitoring strain and temperature in surface mounted or embedded applications.
athermal packaged fbg
Athermal Packaged FBG
The T95 is a Wavelength Reference Fiber Bragg Grating. It is an FBG encapsulated in a package of advanced materials providing passive temperature compensation.
customized fbg sensor
Customized FBG Sensor
The T10 is our core Fiber Bragg Grating. It is a key building block for hundreds of types of optical sensors and optical filtering applications.
fiber bragg grating array (fbg array)
Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG Array)
Premium quality Fiber Bragg Gratings written into fiber to create custom daisy-chain sensing arrays according to customer specifications.

Products by Coherent Solutions

polblade – smarter modular high-speed polarization controller
PolBlade – Smarter Modular High-speed Polarization Controller
MTP1000 - The Smart & Versatile Testing Platform with PolBlade. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance.
iqabc - automatic bias controller | iq optimization made simple
IQABC - Automatic Bias Controller | IQ Optimization Made Simple
The IQABC with its advanced ABC algorithm, accurately and reliably controls and optimizes all the modulator bias points regardless of the modulation format or pattern.
frog - frequency resolved optical gating pulse analyzer
FROG - Frequency Resolved Optical Gating Pulse Analyzer
IQFROG, The User-Friendly Optical Pulse Analyzer
switchblade - smarter modular optical switch - multi mode
SwitchBlade - Smarter Modular Optical Switch - Multi Mode
MTP-1000 - The Smart & Versatile Testing Platform with SwitchBlade. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance.
powerblade - modular power meters
PowerBlade - Modular Power Meters
MTP-1000 - The Smart & Versatile Testing Platform with PowerBlade. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance. Your choice of up to 4 Inline powermeters per blade
voablade - modular variable optical attenuator blade
VOABlade - Modular Variable Optical Attenuator Blade
MTP-1000 & VOABlade Take your Optical Attenuation Beyond the Next Level
laserblade - modular tunable laser source
LaserBlade - Modular Tunable Laser Source
MTP-1000 & LaserBlade - Unrivalled Versatility and Flat Power Response - Now with Broader Tuning Range. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance.
iqtls -tunable laser source
IQTLS -Tunable Laser Source
The IQTLS is a Smarter Benchtop Tunable Laser Source (TLS) with Versatility Built-in. Now With Broader Tuning Range!
iqtransmitter with 40ghz rf bandwidth
IQTransmitter with 40GHz RF Bandwidth
Introducing the World’s Highest Performing & Commercially Available Transmitter - Up to 40GHz. Enabling quick & simple generation of phase modulated optical signals.
real-time optical modulation analyzer
Real-time Optical Modulation Analyzer
TeledyneLeCroy’s Coherent Optical Receivers Pair With LabMaster 10Zi-A Series Oscilloscopes For Highest Available Performance in an Optical Modulation Analyzer System.

Products by Bell Laser LLC

mahoney co2/fiber laser power meter 0-1000 watts
Mahoney CO2/Fiber Laser Power Meter 0-1000 watts
The Mahoney brand CO2/YAG Laser Power Meter Probe 1000 watts for CNC Laser Cutting Machines (10.6 down to 1.06 microns)-Available to International Buyers.
mahoney co2/fiber laser power meter 0-500 watts
Mahoney CO2/Fiber Laser Power Meter 0-500 watts
The Mahoney brand CO2/YAG Laser Power Meter Probe 500 watts for CNC Laser Cutting Machines (10.6 down to 1.06 microns).
mahoney co2 laser power meter probe 0-200 watts
Mahoney CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe 0-200 watts
The Mahoney brand CO2/YAG Laser Power Meter Probe 200 watts for Laser Engraving Cutting Machines (10.6 to 1.06 microns)-International Shipping Available.
mahoney co2 laser power meter probe 0-100 watts
Mahoney CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe 0-100 watts
Mahoney brand CO2/YAG Laser Power Meter Probe 100 watts for Laser Engraving Cutting Machines (10.6-1.06 microns)
laser power meter probe 0-20 watts
Laser Power Meter Probe 0-20 watts
Value priced laser power meter probes for 1 to 15 microns wavelengths, with typical use for CO2 lasers and fiber/YAG lasers, with 0-20, 0-1000 watts and many in between.

Products by Gentec Electro Optics, Inc.

pronto-si - compact silicon laser power meter up to 800 mw
Pronto-Si - Compact Silicon Laser Power Meter up to 800 mW
pronto-250 - compact laser power meter up to 250 w
Pronto-250 - Compact Laser Power Meter up to 250 W
The Pronto is a compact laser power meter that measures up to 250 W with just the press of a button.

Products by Arden Photonics LTD

modcon mode controller
ModCon Mode Controller
ModCon Mode Controller provides repeatable Encircled Flux compliant launch conditions.
mpx modal explorer
MPX Modal Explorer
The Modal Explorer is available for real-time measurement of Encircled Flux at 850 and 1300nm
optical fiber geometry measurement system
Optical fiber glass geometry measurement system for measuring core and cladding diameter, circularity and concentricity
vfi fiber cleave-check interferometer
VFI Fiber Cleave-Check Interferometer
Arden Photonics' VFI is the next generation in non-contact interferometers for checking the flatness and quality of standard optical fiber.


solar simulator
Solar simulator with sun space spectrum using metal halide arc lamp.

Products by VPIphotonics GmbH

optical systems
Optical Systems
Design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long haul optical transmission systems

Products by Mohawk Ltd

mohawk ltd - repair, calibration, refurbishment services
Mohawk LTD - Repair, Calibration, Refurbishment Services
Authorized Repair Center providing Repairs, Calibration, Refurbishment of field and lab equipment

Products by Promet Optics

fibo 300 interferometer
FIBO 300 Interferometer
Investigate Your Specialty Fibers with Our Versatile FiBO
fibo interferometers
FIBO Interferometers
FiBO brand of true phase-shifting Michelson interferometers for non-contact fiber optic endface testing.
fibo 200 interferometer
FIBO 200 Interferometer
Inspect Your Fiber Optics Connectors On-Site with FiBO 200
fibo 250 interferometer
FiBO 250 Interferometer
Evaluate Your Fiber Optic Connectors with the Push of a Button with the FIBO 250

Products by FemtoFiberTec GmbH

femtosecond(fs)-laser-written fiber bragg gratings (fbgs)
Femtosecond(fs)-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs)
Our manufacturing technology provides the highest possible flexibility in terms of customer individual FBG specifications and production volumes.

Products by Ancal, Inc.

Spectrometers and accessories

Products by AMS Technologies AG

programmable optical pulseshaper for fs pulses
Programmable Optical Pulseshaper for fs Pulses
The WaveShaper is a PM programmable filter which provides full control of the amplitude and phase spectra across the entire operating wavelength range.

Products by QPS Photronics Inc

transformer guard with advanced vibrofibre thin sensor
Transformer Guard with advanced Vibrofibre thin sensor
Transformer Guard System - Wide band VibroFibre Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Transformer windings
Fiber optics monitoring Vibration and temperature monitoring for critical applications such as oil and Gas refineries, Petro-chemical proceeses

Products by Firebird Sensors, Inc.

mega laser power meter
MEGA Laser Power Meter
Our MEGA Laser Power Meter uses revolutionary single-crystal silicon carbide sensor technology to deliver unimagined capabilities to the Laser Power Meter marketplace.

Products by Fiber Optic Center, Inc.

fiber optic components, equipment & supplies
Fiber optic components, equipment & supplies
All equipment, consulting and technical support in the manufacturing and testing of fiber optic cable assemblies

Products by Duma Optronics Ltd

wide spectral range 190nm-1600nm ccd beam profiler
Wide Spectral range 190nm-1600nm CCD Beam Profiler
Wide spectral range beam profiler system for laser beam analysis: profilem beam size, position and power. New technology, one sensor without distorting coatings

Products by Delaire USA, Inc.

delaire usa, inc's 8800 family of fiber optic test links
Delaire USA, Inc's 8800 Family of Fiber Optic Test Links
Delaire USA, Inc's 8800 Family of Fiber Optic Test Links

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