Temperature Regulated Fiber Optic LED source

  • Temperature Stabilized LEDs   
  • Four Independent LED Drives - independently controllable LED Drive channels allowing multi-die LED’s to be blended and modulated as required. 
  • Interchangeable LED modules  - EEPROM memory limits current and temperature specific to that LED. 
  • Adjustable Optics  X-Y-Z adjustment for optimal coupling of the LED, micro suction filter holder.
  • Multiple control inputs - USB, TTL, UART 
  • Programmable control of Pulse Width Modulation, Sequencing
  • Power On Defaults   
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Spectrecology sells and rents UV-VIS-NIR-MIR spectrometers and accessories. We distribute all Ocean Optics products, Cloudminds Air Raman systems, our own DOPO2 optical O2 sensor materials and low cost electronics, and a complete line of quartz and disposable cuvettes,. Systems include Raman, Fluorescence, Emission, Reflection, Absorbance and Transmission spectroscopy. Spectrometers including NIRQuest 512-2.2, HR2000+, HR4000, JAS, FLAME, USB4000 and STS are available for weekly and monthly rental. Accessories, light sources and calibrations for radiometry, reflection, transmission and fluorescence can be assembled in a package to meet your needs.

Spectrecology also offers new product and new application engineering developement services,

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