NIRQuest 900-2200nm spectrometer for rent

InGaAs array based spectrometer for 900-2200nm range. The NIRQuest features a cooled enhanced 512 elenet InGaAs array, fiber optic input, USB operation and a wide variety of fibers and light sources for absorbance, reflection or emission measurements. Rent is by the week or month. Please call with your requirements for sampling optics and to reserve a date.

System can be set up for measuring absorbance, reflection or spectroradiometry.  900-2200nm, 512 pixel cooled InGaAs detector array, resolution ~ 5nm FWHM

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Spectrecology sells and rents UV-VIS-NIR-MIR spectrometers and accessories. We distribute all Ocean Optics products, Cloudminds Air Raman systems, our own DOPO2 optical O2 sensor materials and low cost electronics, and a complete line of quartz and disposable cuvettes,. Systems include Raman, Fluorescence, Emission, Reflection, Absorbance and Transmission spectroscopy. Spectrometers including NIRQuest 512-2.2, HR2000+, HR4000, JAS, FLAME, USB4000 and STS are available for weekly and monthly rental. Accessories, light sources and calibrations for radiometry, reflection, transmission and fluorescence can be assembled in a package to meet your needs.

Spectrecology also offers new product and new application engineering developement services,

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