5-ways to improve uv spectroscopy
5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy
Want better UV? More than 70% of users choose McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator

The Model 234/302 spectrometer is small, robust and at a good price point. The Model 234/302...

Custom Lenses for OEMs

·        Lenses; Convex, concave, cylindrical, aspheric and doublet lenses to specification...

zygo newview™ 9000 - 3d optical profiler
ZYGO NewView™ 9000 - 3D Optical Profiler
3D Optical Profiler

Versatile non-contact 3D surface metrology system for rapid measurement of surface topography,...

zygo nexview™ nx2 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nexview™ NX2 3D Optical Profiler
Next Generation Surface Metrology System

Precise 3D surface metrology system for fast, non-contact measurement of surface topography,...

red singlemode fiber cords
Red SingleMode Fiber Cords
Red SingleMode Fiber Cords for easy Identification of Circuits

Red Single Mode Fiber Cords



knight optical’s achromatic doublets for light engines
Knight Optical’s Achromatic Doublets for Light Engines
Achromatic Doublets are typically used in light engine systems and correct for chromatic aberrations which exist in singlet lenses

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Achromatic Doublet Lenses for use within...

knight optical's custom domes for submersible rov’s in underwater imaging, sensing and exploration
Knight Optical's Custom domes for Submersible RoV’s in underwater imaging, sensing and exploration
A dome is a window that has 2 parallel curves faces our domes ensure high clarity & transmission in the UV-NIR & FarIR spectrums allowing for accurate measurement

Capabilities: Domes are readily mountable, optically clear and manufactured to...

knight optical’s polarizers for insect vision research
Knight Optical’s Polarizers for Insect Vision Research
Knight Optical works with many leading research institutions in the field of insect vision. Knight Optical also keep stock a UV & NIR range of sheet polarizers

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Polarisers that can be used in the study...

knight optical’s beam-splitters for use within food sorting systems
Knight Optical’s Beam-Splitters for use within Food Sorting Systems
Beam-splitter are a widely utilized technology in Optical Sorting Systems for the food industry

The optical system utilizes lights and sensors housed above and below the flow of the products...