foXXus - Objectives of patent-pending design to generate multiple foci

 foXXus  - family of patent pending design optics generating multiple...

photovoltaic power converter - ych-l200
Photovoltaic Power Converter - YCH-L200
Photovoltaic Power Converter - A Novel Electrical Power Delivery Technology

The YCH-L200 is MHGP’s low power PPC offering for applications requiring power up to ~0.6 watt....

isolated gate driver
Isolated Gate Driver

MHGP’s YMH-HH2A42 is a small footprint, high performance and optically isolated gate driver...

interferometer d7
Interferometer D7
Ultra-high accuracy phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer for testing surface form and wavefront quality of precise optical elements and systems

D7 measures surface forms and wavefronts of optical components and systems with sub-nanometer...

tls120xe high power tuneable light source (280-1100nm)
TLS120Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source (280-1100nm)
The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.

This compact solution easily fits into a wide range of applications in spectroscopy and...

dead front panels for backlit user interfaces
Dead Front Panels for Backlit User Interfaces
Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface applications. When backlit, the Dead Front Panel illuminates and draws attention to icons.

Abrisa Technologies now provides Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface...

semi-transparent mirrors for hidden displays
Semi-Transparent Mirrors for Hidden Displays
Semi-Transparent Mirrors help create hidden smart mirror. Available on low iron or grey glass in sizes up to 126" x 88", available with many custom features.

Hotels, restaurants, and retail displays are using high performance Semi-Transparent Mirrors,...

interference bandpass filters for gas sensors
Interference Bandpass Filters for Gas Sensors
Gas Detection Systems use IBF to identify emission of a type of gas. Different gases emit at a specific wavelength which makes it identifiable when using a relevant IBF

Knight Optical provide a wide range of interference bandpass filters that can be used with gas...

knight optical thermal imaging coatings are diamond !
Knight Optical thermal imaging coatings are Diamond !
We are very experienced within the Thermal Imaging market, including anti-reflective and diamond-like-carbon coatings used on the optical components in these systems

Thermal imaging uses infrared materials such as Germanium and Silicon, however in there raw form...