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Temperature Regulated Fiber Optic LED source
The Phos-4 is a highly stable and flexible LED light source for use in scientific and measurement applications
NIRQuest 900-2200nm spectrometer for rent
NIRQuest512-2.2 Fiber Optic InGaAs array spectrometer for rent by week or month
MZ5 mid IR ATR spectrophotometer 128 pixel array miniature system
Mid IR Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectrometer, MZ5
Cloud based Raman Spectrometer
Raman spectrometer - Hand-held & Cloud based Airaman XI. Integrated smart phone deep learning analytics, cloudminds
Custom Glass Fabrication for Optical Commponents
Custom flat glass components from small singulated wafers components to large multi-meter sized display glass. CNC, waterjet, grinding, cutting, thin & ultra-thin glass.

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