Products by asphericon GmbH


Products by AIR-VAC Engineering

director, automation & assembly
Director, Automation & Assembly
Micro Assembly Machines IC-900

Products by IO Industries

dvr express core 2 max
DVR Express Core 2 MAX
Advanced High-Speed Digital Video Recorder with IRIG and GPS
 dvr express® core 2
DVR Express® Core 2
Next-generation platform for uncompressed recording from Camera Link digital video sources

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

angular sphere
Angular sphere
The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources
 absolute ipce calibrator
Absolute IPCE calibrator
The absolute IPCE calibrator serves as meter of total light power reaching a sample attached to our “pass through” photoelectrochemical cell
 uv-vis-ir spectrometer 200-1150 nm
UV-VIS-IR Spectrometer 200-1150 nm
The spectrometer is designed mainly for femtosecond lasers in pump-probe systems.
 ir spectrometer 900-1750 nm
IR Spectrometer 900-1750 nm
IR Spectrometer 900-1750 nm. The spectrometer is designed mainly to work with femtosecond lasers in pump-probe systems.

Products by Plasma Process Group

techne dual ion beam deposition system
Techne Dual Ion Beam Deposition System
Techne Ion Beam Deposition System - the quality and precision of IBD without the huge size and price. Ultrafast pumping, spectacular uniformity, and excellent throughput.

Products by Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC

2 - 5 axis ultra precision machining systems
2 - 5 Axis Ultra Precision Machining Systems
3, 4 or 5-Axis Ultra Precision Machining Systems. Sub-nanometer surface finish, sub-micron form directly off the machine in a wide variety of materials.

Products by finetech

fineplacer® lambda
Flexible Sub-micron Die Bonder

Products by Trion Technology

minilock-orion iii
Minilock-Orion III
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System with a Vacuum Loadlock

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