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ultra-narrow linewidth laser module-gen 3
Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Module-Gen 3
Laser module offers super-fine instantaneous and dynamic spectral linewidth of under 30 Hz and ultra-low phase/frequency noise in a compact form factor.

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Products by Laser Tech Photonics

laser diodes for gas sensing, aerospace, test & measurement,
Laser Diodes for Gas Sensing, Aerospace, Test & Measurement,
Laser Diodes for Aerospace, Medical instrumentation, TDLAS based Gas Sensing, Test & Measurement, Fiber Optic Communications, Remote Sensing and Atomic Clock etc.

Products by QPS Photronics Inc

transformer guard with advanced vibrofibre thin sensor
Transformer Guard with advanced Vibrofibre thin sensor
Transformer Guard System - Wide band VibroFibre Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Transformer windings
motor guard system
Motor Guard System
Motor Guard System - Wide band sensing VibroFibre Sensor for Condition Monitoring

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