Delta Spectrum Lab Lasers offer excellent beam quality and output powers 30mW up to 3000mW. These lasers feature compact designs and manually adjustable output power through the control box.

Each laser features TEC cooling and flexible interface allowing for digital or analog modulation, with multiple color and wavelength options available. Delta Spectrum Lasers are ideal for research, flow cytometry, microscope illumination and industrial alignment applications.

The laser control box integrates a powerful power supply unit and our own laser control board containing a fast analog laser driver and digital TEC control. 


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Our company was founded in 2013 year , we have over 8 years experience in manufacturing of Laser Display Systems,Alignment Laser and Laser Module.

Delta Lasers Technology Ltd. is placed in Bulgaria Europe.

We are manufacturing company and development new lasers systems and electronics components.
Our main manufacturing is ,a focus in laser projector system,industrial laser solution and entertainment and multimedia business , we make a complete production own laser module systems and laser drivers.