As a leading provider of fiber optic and network connectivity solutions, we’re focused on meeting even the most demanding challenges of our customers. Our team of industry-leading engineers, manufacturers, project managers, and customer support staff work directly in collaboration with our customers to design and manufacture connectors, adapters and accessories to the exacting specification of the application.

Since inception StingRay has provided integrators and end-users with custom optical systems optimized to their unique requirement. After 20 years honing these skills, the optical design, engineering, assembly, and technical sales teams have amassed unparalleled experience spanning the spectrum keeping pace with emerging sensor developments for a variety of markets. StingRay has also directly leveraged our custom expertise to offer the industry’s broadest set of COTS infrared product offerings.

Safibra, Ltd., is a Czech private engineering company bringing advanced photonic and fiber optical products, developing optical sensing systems according to individual customer requirements. Thanks to our experience we provide our customers full support for the planning and design of optical systems and sensor systems for specific applications, installation and adjustment of systems, solutions for special requirements and also deals with consulting and training activities.

Somerville Laser Technogy, LLC develops and manufactures low size, weight and waste power (SWaP) fiber-coupled pump modules for fiber-based directed energy lasers.    The White Lightning product line offers the highest power-conversion efficiency at the highest output-power.  The fiber is detachable and the coupled power is mode-stripped.

Stream Technologies Inc. has developed a multispectral camera lens that allows many off-the-shelf monochrome cameras to capture images in 10 spectral bands simultaneously. This allows the visualization of things that would be invisible in a normal image. The data cube, containing all spectral and spatial information, is captured in real-time. Spectral algorithms are then applied to analyze data and view results. Stream can customize any 10 channels within a wide spectral range to detect specific chemicals or targets. Stream seeks strategic partners to conduct field tests, strategic partners to develop algorithms, and systems integrators to implement end user solutions.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is the world leader in custom design, engineering, manufacturing and selling of state-of-the-art fused and flexible fiber optic imaging and lighting components and LED lighting solutions for medical, dental, biotechnology, scientific, industrial, defense, security, aviation and automotive applications.

Sydor Optics is a custom manufacturer of precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged glass optical components specializing in double-sided polishing, continuous pad & pitch polishing, CNC machining and laser machining. Prototype to high-volume products include wafers, windows, filters, mirrors, optical flats, wedge prisms, light pipes, plate beamsplitters, and coating witness samples. Finished optical products go through a meticulous visual inspection process utilizing a wide range of state-of-the-art metrology equipment. Additional capabilities include ultrasonic cleaning in a cleanroom environment and cleanroom packaging. Sydor Optics is ITAR Registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Benefiting from more than 15 years of experience, Sphere Ultrafast Photonics offers a new generation of products and services for ultrashort pulse compression and measurement.

A leader in Fiber Laser technology and manufacture, we offer a wide range of pulsed, CW and kW Lasers, supported by our comprehensive after sales services. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, we position ourselves globally to offer the best products and service to our customers.

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Spectrecology sells and rents UV-VIS-NIR-MIR spectrometers and accessories. We distribute all Ocean Optics products, Cloudminds Air Raman systems, our own DOPO2 optical O2 sensor materials and low cost electronics, and a complete line of quartz and disposable cuvettes,. Systems include Raman, Fluorescence, Emission, Reflection, Absorbance and Transmission spectroscopy. Spectrometers including NIRQuest 512-2.2, HR2000+, HR4000, JAS, FLAME, USB4000 and STS are available for weekly and monthly rental. Accessories, light sources and calibrations for radiometry, reflection, transmission and fluorescence can be assembled in a package to meet your needs.

Spectrecology also offers new product and new application engineering developement services,

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SOURIAU PA&E specializes in the custom design and manufacture of hermetic connectors and electronic packaging. Our technology is proven in the harshest environments – from deep beneath the earth’s surface to deep space and even within the human body. We work directly with engineers to custom design and manufacture electronic packaging and connector products that meet the exacting standards for the reliability satellite, missile, fighter aircraft, under-sea and other mission-critical systems require. 

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest, Hungary, SCHMIDT + BENDER HUNGARIA is a worldwide supplier of the optics and electronics industry. Our company has a unique history over a 130 years, being under the management of SCHMIDT + BENDER GERMANY since 1992.

Since the establishment of the fiber optics department, we are stable supplier of several prestigious dental, medical and other fiber optics manufacturers, as well as we are producing for smaller companies. Our product range varies from flexible fiber bundles to rigid multifibers and core/clad rods what we can shape to the requested form.

As a leading international manufacturer of high-precision wire and cable processing machines, Schleuniger offers a comprehensive range of products for virtually all applications. Whether cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing or marking, Schleuniger‘s automatic and semi-automatic machines process cables reliably, economically and precisely. With an extensive range of global service products, Schleuniger will assist you in achieving precision results throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.

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