Ocean Optics provides modular spectroscopy and sensing solutions for diverse applications such as biomedical and life sciences research, agricultural monitoring and food safety, illumination and color measurement, science education and environmental regulation. The company has provided thousands of spectrometers to researchers, educators and OEM developers over the past two decades.

Ocean Optics also provides a comprehensive range of complementary technologies, including spectroscopy software, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibers and probes, optical filters and spectroscopy accessories. Recently, the innovative multispectral sensing and imaging offerings of PIXELTEQ were consolidated into the Ocean Optics portfolio. 

Oplatek has been in Optics business for over 30 years. We design and manufacture customized Optical and Fiber Optical components, modules and devices for device manufacturers. We have unique combination of machinery and expertise in-house: drawing of specialty optical fibers, molding glass optics, glass crafting, thin film coating and CNC-machining. We are an innovative, agile and responsible partner to our customers.

ISO 9001, ITAR Registered and SBA member; Omega designs and produces the most diverse offering of interference filters in the industry. Whether your application is Space, Industrial, Aerospace, Defense or Machine Vision, we have the solution you need. We bring a corporate commitment to understand and refine your filter needs. This support originates with our team of Scientists, Engineers, & Industry experts. Our goal: to assure the most appropriate solution will be provided to our customer.

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OEwaves, Inc. transforms novel microwave photonic technologies enabling new capabilities in radar, fiber optic sensing, LiDAR, and test and measurement systems.  The company's core technologies include the opto-electronic oscillator (OEO) and whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical resonator.  Additionally, OEwaves has developed unique homodyne microwave and optical phase noise measurement systems and ultra-narrow linewidth laser family in the 760-4500 nanometer regions and beyond.

Optilab, LLC is a US-based international firm with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Optilab designs, manufactures, and promotes its brand-name products worldwide. Its Phoenix facilities hosts engineering, sales, testing, qualification and productions. In addition, Optilab is equipped with military specifications and space qualified capacities.

Optilab provides innovative and cost-effective photonic solutions to its customer's systems. The Optilab innovative solutions consist of Test & Measurement, RFoF Micro Satellite, Fiber Sensing, Bit Error Rate Tester, and Pulse Laser. Optilab owns and operates OEQuest.com, one of the largest web portals in the photonics industry.

Optikos provides paths and solutions to test and measure your optical and imaging performance. We offer standard and customized metrology products and services for most any imaginable measurement of lens, camera or ophthalmic system as well as production test stations; and provide engineering concept, design and production services, applying our expertise in optical engineering, electro-optics, infrared-optics and opto-mechanics to your vision.

Oplink Communications is a leader in the optical industry and is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled Optical Manufacturing Solutions(OMS) to its customers for leading edge, integrated solutions that can be rapidly and cost effectively deployed in communications networks around the world. Optical expertise, superior quality, flexibility, and low cost are just some of the benefits realized by companies both large and small when they partner with Oplink for their optical manufacturing needs. 

Oplink is a leading provider of comprehensive optical components, transceiver modules, and subsystems for optical networking applications, including backbone optical transport, metro networks, data center, optical broadband access. 


Optoscribe has developed a platform of capabilities combining (a) 3D waveguides, (b) precise alignment features and (c) optical components in a single glass chip allowing a reduced footprint and increased functionality, resulting in increased performance and manufacturing yields together with significantly reduced assembly costs. This platform of capabilities for integration in data centre and related markets is together under the Company’s Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX™) product line.

Optoscribe’s Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) fiber coupling products

3D Optofan™ Series coupling Multicore Fiber (MCF) to Single Mode Fiber (SMF)
3D MMUX™ Photonic Lantern for coupling Few Mode Fiber (FMF) to SMF

OpTek Systems is a global provider of laser processing equipment and manufacturing services for the fiber optic and micromachining markets. In its 11th year of operation, OpTek has manufacturing facilities in the US and the UK, and sales offices in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

OFH provides optical design consulting services in a wide range of applications including, microscopes, biomedical devices, illumination and imaging systems, and metrology tools.

Optotune®, Inc, develops and manufactures adaptive optical components based on elastic polymers. When hard glass and plastic components reach their limits, elastic polymer-based materials might be your solution! As a pioneer in adaptive optics, Optotune offers a range of tunable optical devices that help you add versatility, compactness and fast response to your optical systems. Optotune’s focus-tunable lenses and laser speckle reducers offer new solutions for several industries including machine vision, laser processing, ophthalmology and laser projection. www.optotune.com

OETI  designs, develops and manufactures patented, non-tracking concentrating solar collectors. as well as install and service of all types of solar energy systems. We reduce the complexity, and cost of solar thermal products and increase their reliability by reducing the number of the components through the use of optical concentration. OETI provide electro-optical, electronic, mechanical, and instrument system design and development services from concept definition, system and worst case analyses, design, fabrication, and test of electro-optical instruments and/or subsystems of larger electro-optical systems for ground and space utilization.

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