Nanometer Technologies manufactures in the USA, automated fiber optic polishing systems with automated fiber stub removal system built in, ranging from 4 connectors to 96 connectors. We manufacture  automated curing ovens with ramping temperatures, automated fiber stub removal systems, and manual multifiber scopes.   We support a wide variety of industries as in, Telecom/Datacom, Avionics/Submarine, medical, dental and auto industries. We are a custom house, so never turn away those special customers. 

Established in 1987, NYFORS has accumulated experience in all areas of fiber processing techniques for thirty years. Our goal is to produce reliable and precise solutions tailored towards the individual challenges of our customers. Our portfolio currently includes: CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping equipment, automatic systems for fiber preparation and window stripping, high precision cleavers and optical fiber recoaters as well as proof testers and cleave check interferometers.

Manufacturer of Precision Motion Control Equipment

New England Optical Systems (NEOS) is the premier supplier of high performance infrared optical assemblies.  NEOS is engineering and manufacturing continuous zoom, multi-FOV, broadband/3rd Gen, multi-channel systems in the MWIR, LWIR & SWIR wavebands.  The production facility supports development projects to high volume production, including programs with harsh environmental requirements.  NEOS has built a team with expertise in optical, opto-mechanical, electrical, and software design, as well as system integration critical for alignment and stability.  Serving most all thermal imaging markets, including ISR, tracking, navigation, situational awareness, UAV, aerospace, armored vehicles, soldier systems, infrared scene projection (IRSP), astronomical, and commercial.

Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc. (NTFL) is a leading manufacturer of high performance thin film coatings. For more than four decades, custom optical coatings produced by NTFL have contributed to engineering progress worldwide.

NTFL is a fully equipped clean room coating facility specializing in the design and manufacture of hig performance vacuum deposited optical thin films. We produce a wide variety of coatings, most of which are designed and manufactured to specific customer specifications. Our thin film coating services and capabilities range from the ultraviolet, through the visible and out to the far infrared spectral wavelengths. 

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North American Coating Laboratories provides optical coatings for a variety of customers in the polymer and glass optics markets. Our experience in both dip and vacuum-applied processes make NACL one of the most respected organizations in the optical coatings field. Our coating competencies include Protective, Scratch-resistant, Reflective, Anti-reflective, Filter, Conductive, ITO, and Chemically Resistive coatings. North American Coating Laboratories is an ISO 9001 certified organization. Currently North American Coating Laboratories services clients in the automotive, aeronautic, consumer electronic, military, medical, and ophthalmic fields.

NeTHIS industrializes and commercializes industrial vision instruments dedicated to penetrating imaging, offering today’s largest spectral sensitivity range. NeTHIS technology opens a new area for volume non destructive testing of advanced materials used in different industries as wide as building, aeronautics and wind energy.

New England Photoconductor manufactures lead sulfide (PbS), lead selenide (PbSe) and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) infrared detectors that include room temperature and thermoelectrically cooled assemblies with IR filters or lens. We offer multiplexed linear arrays, detector controllers that include the detector amplifier, cooler controller and power supply. Our product line includes sandwich 2 color detectors and quad detector assemblies. We offer infrared filters, infrared windows, infrared sources that are steady state or pulsed, detector amplifiers and thermoelectric cooler controllers. NEP can also provide custom detector designs, electronics, optics and packaging.

Newlight Photonics Inc. was established in 2003 in Toronto, Canada and has since grown to become a leading supplier of nonlinear optical crystals and frequency conversion modules, laser crystals, polarizers, waveplates, birefringent materials, and many other precision optics and devices for scientific and industrial markets. Our highly dedicated sales and engineering teams are always ready to work with industrial customers for volume requirements as well as the research community for challenging customized applications.

We develop small, precise and smart motion systems for critical adjustments of optics, and many other micro positioning applications. Our simple and elegant solutions deliver best-in-class performance in handheld and portable instruments for medical, scientific and industrial applications. Our customers benefit from "all-in-one" motion solutions tailored to their unique requirements and easily integrated into their next-generation instruments.

M3 miniature motion modules with built-in controllers are incredibly easy to integrate into your new systems. Just add 3.3V and high-level motion commands from your system processor, and you're moving lenses, optical elements, samples or other components with high precision. It's that simple!

Designs & manufactures nanopositioning tools for OEM and research applications. Products include piezo actuated flexure stages and digital control electronics. Nanopositioning systems provide closed-loop translation in the X, XY, XYZ and tip/tilt.  Enables high-speed, high-resolution, sub-nanometer precision for Optics, Semiconductor, Defense, Aerospace and Bio industries. 

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