MYIR Tech Limited is a global provider of ARM hardware and software tools, design solutions for embedded applications. We support our customers in a wide range of services to accelerate your time to market.

Since 2003, Micronor has been a pioneer of innovative Fiber Optic Kinetic Sensors for both industrial and medical applications. Our fiber optic products include Position Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Linear Encoders, E-Stop, Microswitch, Accelerometer, and Temperature Sensors. The sensors are designed for challenging applications where immunity to EMI, RFI, microwaves, high voltage, magnetic fields, radiation and/or explosive atmospheres is required, as well as MRI compatibility or long distance operation.  

Now celebrating its thirtieth year, Marktech Optoelectronics is a manufacturer of both LED emitters, detectors and sensor products. Marktech maintains an onsite engineering and design team with years of experience in applications and product design. With optoelectronics as the company’s only business, they take pride in their support capabilities, which features a lab containing state-of-the-art test equipment, allowing Marktech to test and validate for all optical and electrical parameters. In addition to manufacturing and customizing LED emission and detection components, Marktech is a Cree Solutions Provider for their line of high-brightness LEDs and materials.

Offers a comprehensive portfolio of components and instruments for optical sensing, imaging and telecom markets. Products span from simple tunable components, to fast swept laser modules, to fast and accurate optical sensing instrumentation.

MH GoPower Company Limited (MHGP) is an innovator and manufacturer of high performance Si-based Vertical Multi-Junction PV cells that enable laser power transmission for power over fiber (PoF) and power beaming applications using 9xx nm lasers. MHGP recently released a line of photovoltaic receivers with unparalleled flexibility in size, voltage, and power that is fueling the emergence of new high reliability, high power, and low cost PoF applications.

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Mahr is a globally recognized leader in the field of optical metrology.  Mahr has leveraged over 155 years’ experience in dimensional metrology to develop and produce the most accurate optical metrology tools currently available.  The MarOpto product portfolio includes Contact and non-Contact Profilometers, Fizeau Interferometers, Tilted Wave Interferometers, Confocal Microscopes and White Light Interferometers.  Whether your optics are flat, spherical, aspheric or freeforms, Mahr has the metrology tool to meet your most stringent requirements.

Meadowlark Optics designs, develops, and manufactures an extensive range of high quality polarization systems and components including Liquid Crystal Devices from the UV to MWIR. Standard products include Spatial Light Modulators, Waveplates, Shutters, Rotators, Tunable Optical Filters, Tri-Color Filters, Polarizers, Polarimeters, Pockels Cells and more. We can also customize a solution to exactly fit your needs. Ask us about our in-house fabrication services and custom capabilities.

Are you going to be in the Colorado area? We invite you to visit and take a tour of our facility.

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SPIE Optics+Photonics
August 6, 2017 to August 10, 2017
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Microtek is an engineering and R&D company specializing in miniaturization for advanced microelectronics products. We are structured to provide a blend of microelectronics solutions for our clients at the R&D and prototype stage and offer support through to full scale production. 

We work at the bare chip level while integrating microelectronics, bioscience or therapeutics to develop highly miniaturized applications. We collaborate with startups, top-tier companies and universities in a wide range of markets including medical, defense, wireless, photonics and life sciences.

Microlap is a custom manufacturer specializing in small, high-precision components made from extremely hard materials such as synthetic ruby/sapphire, zirconia and alumina ceramics, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and a few other hard materials. Our forte is in our ability to produce very small parts with extremely tight tolerances from these various hard materials .Not only do we strive to produce consistent and high quality components, we are also focused on providing excellent service and building long term relationships with our customers. With superior precision products and services.

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MD&M West
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As a leading supplier of advanced fiber optic components, Molex has an extensive product offering that includes a full range of solutions for optical connectors and adapters, optical assemblies, optical backplanes, optical circuitry, termination kits and tooling. Molex's experience and resources provide customers a wide range of design, manufacturing and value-added services. Optical solutions are available for the Military and Medical markets.

A creative writing and illustration services company located in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA).

McPherson is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 60 years’ of experience. We specialize in high performance spectrometers and purpose built spectroscopy systems. We also know the soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region and provide related state of the art components and services. Our optimized spectrometers are for wavelengths from 1 nanometer to 20 microns and energies from 0.05 eV up to 2 keV.

Designer / builder of Ultra Precision Machining Systems for diamond turning, milling, grinding

Mohawk Ltd. is a woman-owned business in upstate New York that specializes in the supply, repair and calibration of  fiber optic test and measurement equipment.   Founded in 1959, Mohawk Ltd. has been a leader in providing the highest quality fiber optic products and services nationwide.   In addition we supply custom trailers and fiber reels.


Mohawk Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 and WBE Certified company  that provides superior quality, fast turnarounds, competitive pricing with many solutions. No fee evaluations.

We produce outstanding feature articles, news reports, product descriptions, ad copy, whitepapers — written material targeted for any audience in any format.  Video and audio, too!  Better yet, we are competent and familiar with a broad range of photonic technologies.  That means your written materials meet your needs with minimal demands on your staff.  You tell us the audience you're trying to reach and the unique features and benefits of your product and we do the rest.  

Connect to your customers without burdening your technical staff.

Contact us to fill all your content needs, fast and efficiently.

Mahr Federal Inc., a member of the Mahr Group, has over 150 years of experience providing dimensional measurement solutions to fit customer application needs. The company manufactures and markets a wide variety of dimensional metrology equipment, from simple and easy-to-use handheld gages to technically advanced measurement systems for form, contour, surface finish and length. Mahr Federal is also well known as a producer of custom-designed gages and a provider of calibration and contract measurement services. Mahr Federal's calibration laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 NVLAP Lab Code 200605-0 (see our Scope of Accreditation for accredited calibration processes).

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Optifab 2015
October 13, 2015 to October 15, 2015
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Sytems for micro and nano positioning, cryogenic systems and controllers

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Optatec 2016 fair in Frankfurt
June 7, 2016 to June 9, 2016
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Providing our customers with the best high resolution OLED microdisplays featuring very low power consumption, excellent image quality, customized for different near-eye applications.

With the world’s highest pixel density microdisplays and an ever increasing number of application fields, MICROOLED will be your sustainable partner today and in the future.


marketing communications and design

MAXEMIL PHOTONICS is a Fully Integrated Optical Design and Manufacturing Company Offering State-of-Art In-House Optics Equipment and Facilities and World Class Experienced Engineers. QUALITY is rooted in more than 16 years of experience in Engineering State-Of-The Art Solutions of Integrated Technologies for Efficient Assembly of High Precision Optical and Mechanical Components.  MAXEMIL PHOTONICS has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of optical products, including but not limiycamera zoom lenses, optical pickup head, scanner, video lens and digital data projector. 


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