IRflex manufactures the mid-IR fibers from highly purified chalcogenide glass with embedded key functionalities and volume potential.  IRflex’s proprietary chalcogenide fiber technology and know-how support the production of leading edge mid-infrared fiber-based devices: MWIR & LWIR transmission fibers and cables, fused fiber combiners, imaging fiber bundles and molded freeform lenses serving industry, defense (IRCM), sensing (LIDAR), medical laser and scientific research.


IRflex also performs and conducts government funded SBIR and STTR programs to explore new concepts and technologies to the point and far exceed what are commercially available.

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INNOVATION PHOTONICS (InnPho) was launched in December, 2009, by Don Wilson. Don has been in the photonics arena (precision optics, engineering & design, isolators, fiber-optic configuring devices, telescopes) since 1964. Don has been awarded a number of patents on isolators, fiber-optic devices and optical components.

Imaging Tech Solutions (ITS) offers Imaging & Vision technologies across ALL wavelengths from Visible to Infrared (400nm to 14,000 nm in VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR) Frame Rates from 30 to 100,000 fps. Distribution sales and vision integration services. 

Infinity Fiber specializes in manufacturing high quality fiber optic cable assemblies for various industries nationwide. All assemblies are Made in the USA at our southern California facility. All lengths and configurations are made to order using the finest optical cable, components, and equipment. Our extensive experience and quality components allow us to offer premium fiber assemblies used in mission critical applications. Indoor, Outdoor, Tight Buffer, Loose Tube, Ribbon, Micro-Core, Breakout, Distribution, Armored, OSP, Tactical, and Military varieties are available in any configuration!

IMPETUX is a high-technology company established in Barcelona, which focuses its activity on Design, Manufacturing and Marketing novel non-invasive manipulating toolbox for sensing forces and capturing dynamic process in live samples beyond imaging.

Impetux is a offering nanotechnology solutions for research activities: we provide high quality optical tweezers systems to measure forces exerted by samples with sizes from tens of nanometers to tens of micrometers, in complex mediums: Force Measurement Systems and Optical Tweezers for quantitative cell and tissue mechanics.

Offers prototype R&D and production thin-film coatings services ranging from 193 nm--20 um. Coatings deposited on customer supplied materials or can supply complete coated substrates. Utilizing EB gun and resistor boat evaporation tecniques with ion assited deposition. Supporting industrial, medical and military markets by fabricating, metalizing and coating optics required for lasers, sensors, multispectral EO and targeting systems, telescopes and much more. We coat Salt Resistant Silver Coatings and also coat the Chalcogenide Materials. We are a custom coating house, ask us to prepare a custom coating design for you to evaluate.

IGI is a precision imaging engineering company with over 45 years of experience with 3D sculpted surfaces, micro patterned shims, molds, and stamps, micro lens arrays, custom optics, photomasks, phototools, custom calibration grids, and many other unique products. IGI is collaborating with leaders across industries to take advantage of the power of 3D sculpted technology. There is almost no image area too large for IGI to handle. We take pride in making seemingly impossible applications possible. We support widely diverse applications across industries including medical, research, military, semiconductor, and manufacturing. Work with us and you’ll benefit from IGI’s multi-discipline services.

In English, the name of the company means Photon Institute. For money, we design and build laboratory equipment mostly involved with detection, shaping and generation of light. Then we spend it on our own research.
Our scientists work on developing and applying new useful technologies or they waste our hard earned money on useless, although admittedly scientifically appealing, experiments. We have tens of completed projects for scientific labs every year. To accomplish that we needed to master design of electronics, mechanics and optics. They are centered in very diverse areas like atomic spectroscopy, nuclear physics, electrochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and others.

IO Industries designs digital video equipment including high-performance digital video recording systems, compact high-speed cameras and customizable video application software. Products are used in military, scientific, industrial process inspection and entertainment applications.

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SPIE Photonics West
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Korea Vision Show
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SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
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Imaging Solutions Group designs, engineers, and builds custom vision and camera systems for OEM's in  Medical, Traffic, Metrology, and Machine Vision.  A custom image pipeline, along with the worlds most advanced vision sensors assure clients of superior images, while the use of large buffers and FPGA's allows for customization pertaining to individual applications.  With their skills honed at Fortune 500 vision giants in Rochester NY, the team at ISG offers service, speed, and attention to detail that provides excellence in custom and off the shelf camera solutions.  New Lightwise Allegro cameras now incorporate USB3 technology as well as 10GB ethernet.

IRD Glass specializes in custom precision optical and non-optical components for OEMs.   IRD partners closely with you, assuring you receive exactly what’s needed. IRD Glass currently supplies such visible to NIR components as filters, homogenizers, light pipes, custom assemblies, reflectors, mirrors, precision tubes, cylindrical lenses, cuvettes, windows, sub-assemblies, prisms, wedges, and thin-film coatings. IRD Glass is committed to your success, and will work with your team throughout the process to ensure both quality and manufacturability. You will get exactly what you need, nothing less and nothing over spec’d. IRD will also help control your inventory headaches by implementing Kanban shipments.

IJK Controls is the world leader in tracking, stabilization and pointing technology for imaging and communication systems. Primarily servicing the defense and aerospace industry, IJK combines decades of experience with modern design and simulation tools. We leverage existing designs to rapidly provide special-purpose solutions for surveillance, comm on-the-move, fire control and a wide variety of other industries. We provide sub-systems and consulting to major prime contractors and technology-driven start-up companies.

• Pointing, tracking, and stabilization systems
• Stabilized gimbal design
• Optical and radio-frequency payloads

About Icron Technologies Corporation
Icron Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Icron’s patented extension technology extends Video and USB devices over many media types including Cat 5e, Fiber, Wireless, DisplayPort®, and over a corporate LAN. Icron’s extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications including pro AV, industrial automation, machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, interactive whiteboards, remote desktop extension, security, enterprise computing and isolated USB, or anywhere a PC needs to be remotely located from a display or peripheral device.

ISVI Corp. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-speed, high-resolution camera technology combining the latest high-bandwidth interface technologies with the newest sensors available. Focusing exclusively on these camera attributes allows us to achieve an unparalleled combination of image quality and high-speed image acquisition for the most demanding applications. ISVI cameras are used in many diverse application areas including AOI, 2D/3D metrology, SPI, wire bond inspection, wafer inspection, bio-mechanics, defense, aerospace, robotics, cinematography, medical, microscopy, sports & entertainment, and general machine vision.

ISG LightWise OEM smart cameras are low-cost and highly functional. Line Scan & Area cameras. Featuring on-board image buffers, FPGA’s & Processors. 1394, USB3 or Ethernet/GigE.   Support for NI & 3rd party image processing software. ISG also offers contract engineering services in the field of digital imaging and we provide OEM product delivery. In essence, we design custom digital cameras and video systems for OEM customers.

    Island Optics Limited is a high quality manufacturing company specialising in precision flats such as mirrors, windows, beamsplitters, polarisers, etc.

    We are an independent business providing a friendly and professional service, manufacturing top quality optics at a reasonable price with a fast and reliable delivery.

    Our team of highly skilled opticians can supply you with anything from one-off up to production quantities of precision quality optics.

    Our precision cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing and quality control departments give us the capability to fabricate and test optics up to 500mm diameter.

Inrad Optics is a manufacturer of non-linear crystals, Q-switches, and Pockels cells for laser applications.  We grow and fabricate crystals for UV sensing and neutron detection.  Our products include beamsplitters, waveplates, aspheric mirrors, and scanning mirrors.  We also fabricate X-Ray Monochromators using bent crystals in quartz, germanium, and silicon.

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