Products by Bentham Instruments

tls120xe high power tuneable light source (280-1100nm)
TLS120Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source (280-1100nm)
The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.


adaptive lenses
Dynamic Optics manufactures unique multi actuator adaptive lenses for wavefront correction and image focusing.

Products by HinaLea Imaging

hinalea imaging's model 4100h
HinaLea Imaging's Model 4100H
High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Products by Electro Optical Industries, Inc.

For over fifty years, we at EOI, have provided thousands of diverse blackbodies to customers.

Products by McPherson

5-ways to improve uv spectroscopy
5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy
Want better UV? More than 70% of users choose McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator
premium detectors, specialized spectrometers
Premium detectors, specialized spectrometers
New software support for McPherson deep UV and soft x-ray spectrometer systems and Princeton Instruments soft x-ray cameras

Products by Photometrics

iris 9 cmos camera
Iris 9 CMOS Camera
Iris 9 CMOS offers price-performance balance for instrumentation design
iris 15 cmos camera
Iris 15 CMOS Camera
15 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera for Large Field of View Imaging
prime bsi™ scientific cmos camera
Prime BSI™ Scientific CMOS Camera
4.2 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera for Biomedical Imaging
q1400bsi scientific cmos camera
Q1400BSI Scientific CMOS Camera
95% QE Scientific CMOS Camera for BioMedical Instrumentation
prime 95b™ scientific cmos camera
Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera
95% QE Backside Illuminated Scientific CMOS Camera
coolsnap myo ccd camera
CCD Camera for Low-Light Life Science Applications
evolve 512 delta emccd with lightspeed
Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD with LightSpeed
Extremely sensitive, high speed EMCCD for imaging from 67 to >3000 fps
prime scmos camera
Prime sCMOS Camera
4.2 Megapixel sCMOS camera with advanced real time processing features
cmos, ccd and emccd cameras for biomedical instrumentation
CMOS, CCD and EMCCD Cameras for Biomedical Instrumentation
Scientific Cameras for OEM Integration

Products by Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

lwir multi-slit scan hyperspectral imager
LWIR Multi-slit Scan Hyperspectral Imager
LWIR hyperspectral imager for the 8-12 micron wavelength range
lwir-62 snapshot spectral imager
LWIR-62 Snapshot Spectral Imager
LWIR snapshot spectral imager for 7-10 micron wavelength range
mwir-60 snapshot spectral imager
MWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Snapshot spectral imager for the 3-5 micron wavelength range
mwir-20 snapshot spectral imager
MWIR-20 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Patented MWIR snapshot spectral imager for 2-5 micron wavelength range
swir-60 snapshot spectral imager
SWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager
Snapshot imaging spectrometer for the 900-1700nm wavelength range
cubert firefleye s685 underwater hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S685 Underwater Hyperspectral Imager
World's first underwater snapshot hyperspectral imaging camera
cubert firefleye m185 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE M185 Hyperspectral Imager
Revolutionary VNIR snapshot hyperspectral imager for microscopes
cubert firefleye s485 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S485 Hyperspectral Imager
High-fidelity, wavelength customizable snapshot hyperspectral imager
cubert firefleye q285 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE Q285 Hyperspectral Imager
inVISION Top Innovation of 2015 - Industrial snapshot hyperspectral imager
cubert firefleye s185 hyperspectral imager
Cubert FireflEYE S185 Hyperspectral Imager
Easy and reliable hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for UAV applications

Products by Anitoa Systems LLC

compact multi-channel fluorescence camera cfix24
Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence Camera CFIx24
Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence Camera CFIx24
cmos ultra-low-light bio-imager uls24
CMOS Ultra-low-light Bio-imager ULS24
The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS imager designed to enable portable medical and scientific instruments.

Products by Applied Research & Photonics

integrated spectrometer & 3d imager
Integrated spectrometer & 3D imager
Terahertz spectrometer and sub-nanometer resolution 3D imager

Products by QImaging

micropublisher 6™ ccd camera
MicroPublisher 6™ CCD Camera
Color Imaging Camera for Documentation and Publication
qimaging retiga electro ccd camera
QImaging Retiga ELECTRO CCD Camera
CCD Camera Designed Specifically for Electophysiology Research
qimaging retiga lumo ccd camera
QImaging Retiga LUMO CCD Camera
Retiga LUMO CCD Camera for Bioluminescence Imaging
qi825 ccd camera
QI825 CCD Camera
1.4 MP CCD Camera
qi674 ccd camera
QI674 CCD Camera
2.8 MP CCD Camera
qi695 ccd camera
QI695 CCD Camera
6 MP CCD Camera for Biomedical Instrumentation
qimaging scientific cameras and imaging solutions
QImaging Scientific Cameras and Imaging Solutions
CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS Cameras and Imaging Solutions for OEM Applications

Products by Zygo Corporation

zygo nomad™ portable 3d optical profiler
ZYGO Nomad™ Portable 3D Optical Profiler
Innovative, Portable and Precise 3D Surface Metrology Enables Advanced Process Control for Large Optics Manufacturing
zygo verifire™ laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ Laser Interferometer
Precise, vibration-robust laser interferometer system

Products by HORIBA Scientific

horiba scientific announces new back-illuminated syncerity vuv ccd camera
HORIBA Scientific Announces New Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera
Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera Deep Cooled, Back-Illuminated VUV CCD Scientific Camera

Products by Double Helix LLC

The SPINDLE™ provides sample measurement with unprecedented precision depth accuracy for 3D sub-diffraction cellular level biomedical and materials imaging and tracking

Products by IO Industries

flare 50mp camera
Flare 50MP Camera
High Resolution Video Cameras with Global Shutter CMOS Sensors
 dvr express® core 2
DVR Express® Core 2
Next-generation platform for uncompressed recording from Camera Link digital video sources
dvr express® core
DVR Express® Core
Uncompressed recording from 3G/HD-SDI, CoaXPress, GigE Vision, and NTSC/PAL sources
flare 4ksdi
Flare 4KSDI
- 4096 x 2160 - 3G-SDI, HD-SDI - Includes 4K and UHD formats up to 60p - Color 4:2:2, 4:4:4, or RAW - Optional remote control
flare 2ksdi
Flare 2KSDI
- 2048h x 1080v - 3G-SDI, HD-SDI - Includes 2K, 1080p, 1080i and 720p formats - Color 4:2:2, 4:4:4, or RAW - Optional remote control
flare 4mp
Flare 4MP
-2048h x 2048v -Frame Rate: 180fps (Camera Link Full), 140fps (CoaXPress) -Color, Monochrome, or NearIR
flare 2mp
Flare 2MP
-2048h x 1088v -Frame Rate: 340fps (Camera Link Full), 280fps (CoaXPress) -Color, Monochrome, or NearIR
flare 12mp
Flare 12MP
- 4096x3072 up to 187fps - Quad CoaXPress interface - Color, Monochrome and NIR-Enhanced

Products by Photron

fastcam mini ax family
FASTCAM Mini AX family
The FASTCAM Mini AX family of high-speed cameras for slow motion analysis

Products by Critical Link

Embedded Vision Platform with 8MP CMOSIS sensor
Embedded Vision System with 2.1MP sCMOS imaging sensor
IR-Enhanced CCD Camera for Scientific Imaging
Embedded Vision System with 5.5MP sCMOS imaging sensor

Products by Varioptic, a Business Unit of Parrot Drones SAS

variable focus liquid lenses - arctic series
Variable focus Liquid Lenses - Arctic series
variable focus c-mount lenses
Variable Focus C-Mount lenses
caspian m12 modules
Caspian M12 modules
Variable Focus M12 modules

Products by Imaging Solutions Group

12mp lightwise allegro usb3 cmv12000
12MP Lightwise Allegro USB3 CMV12000
12 MP USB3 camera employing the CMOSIS CMV12000
orion 2k linescan camera
Orion 2K Linescan camera
Lightwise Allegro USB3 Linescan Camera CMOS, 10 um or 10 x 200 um, 70 Hz
lightwise allegro usb3 sony imx 250
LightWise Allegro USB3 Sony IMX 250
LW Allegro USB3 IMX-250 5.1MP 3.45 micron pixel, mono and color, global shutter Sony Pregius cmos sensor
lightwise allegro usb3 & gige camera family
LightWise Allegro USB3 & GigE Camera Family
LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs.

Products by Alternative Vision Corporation

touptek e3cmos usb 3.0 cmos color cameras with sony back-illuminated sensors
ToupTek E3CMOS USB 3.0 CMOS Color Cameras with Sony Back-Illuminated Sensors
E3CMOS Series C-mount USB 3.0 CMOS Camera with Sony Exmor/STARVIS sensors
quest innovations multispectral camera for uav installation with rgb and two nir channels
Quest Innovations Multispectral Camera for UAV Installation with RGB and Two NIR channels
The Quest Condor3-UAV 3-channel mul­ti­spec­tral UAV cam­era can be inte­grated directly into small UAVs
sumix hummingbird - small, light, full-featured - 5 mp, usb 3.0 cameras
Sumix Hummingbird - Small, Light, Full-Featured - 5 MP, USB 3.0 Cameras
Volume under one cubic inch, mass of 20 grams, C/CS mount, 5MP, mono or color
optomotive velociraptor hs high-speed 2.2 mp smart cameras
OptoMotive Velociraptor HS High-Speed 2.2 MP Smart Cameras
FPGA camera with a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA preprogrammed for real-time JPEG encoding
touptek wcam wifi c-mount 720p color camera for wireless imaging
ToupTek WCAM WiFi C-Mount 720p Color Camera for Wireless Imaging
Sends H.264 encoded high-resolution images to WiFi-enabled smartphones, computers, and tablets
touptek usb digital microscope kits - 0.3, 1.3 & 2 mp with stand
ToupTek USB Digital Microscope Kits - 0.3, 1.3 & 2 MP with Stand
USB-powered handheld digital microscope with 10x to 200x magnification
touptek s3cmos 5 mp usb 3.0 cmos camera for 23.2mm microscope eyepiece tube
ToupTek S3CMOS 5 MP USB 3.0 CMOS Camera for 23.2mm Microscope Eyepiece Tube
The ToupTek S3CMOS is a USB3.0 CMOS camera designed to replace 23.2 diameter microscope eyepieces.
touptek xcam hdmi 720p color camera with sd card memory
ToupTek XCAM HDMI 720p Color Camera with SD Card Memory
A camera for standalone viewing systems for industrial inspection, education, and precision measurement
touptek gcmos series usb 2.0 cmos 1.25
ToupTek GCMOS Series USB 2.0 CMOS 1.25" Telescope Guiding Camera
Designed specifically for auto-guiding in multiple types of astrophotography, double-coated AR window
touptek lcmos high-performance c-mount usb 2.0 cmos color cameras
ToupTek LCMOS High-Performance C-mount USB 2.0 CMOS Color Cameras
Sensor resolution from 1.2 MP to 14MP, C-mount, USB 2.0 powered, Ultra-fine color engine, with control and viewer application, SDK, API,

Products by Stream Technologies Inc.

colorflow lens
ColorFlow Lens
Camera lens which allows monochrome cameras to take multispectral images

Products by EOITech

fiber optic bonding
Fiber Optic Bonding
Bonding of FO Faceplates and Tapers to Image Sensors

Products by Xenics Nv

cougar-640 - swir camera
Cougar-640 - SWIR camera
LN2 cooled high resolution SWIR camera

Products by PixeLINK

pl-d755 auto focus cmos camera
PL-D755 auto focus CMOS camera
Industrial USB 3.0 camera with auto focus liquid lens incorporates Sony’s new Pregius IMX250 sensor
auto focus liquid lens technology
Auto focus Liquid Lens Technology
PixeLINK PL-D721, PL-D722, PL-D775, and PL-D7715 machine vision cameras now incorporate the Caspian C-39N0-16 electronic, focus-controllable C-mount lens.
PL-D725 color and monochrome cameras provide low noise images for outstanding value in a broad range of industrial applications.

Products by New England Optical Systems, Inc.

high definition infrared continuous zoom lenses designed for reduced swap
High Definition Infrared Continuous Zoom Lenses Designed for Reduced SWaP
Continuous zoom lenses designed for high definition infrared detectors in gimbal and turret applications with advanced controller and reduced size, weight & power (SWaP)

Products by American Infrared Solutions (AIRS)

compact high performance mini-nyx mwir camera -hot irfpa
Compact High Performance mini-Nyx MWIR Camera -HOT IRFPA
HOT MWIR 640x512 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera
infrared focal plane array (irfpa) packaging
Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFPA) Packaging
Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies (IDCA) For High Performance Cooled IRFPA

Products by Enable, Inc.

video processing unit for minniecam-xs and minniescope-xs products
Video Processing Unit for minnieCam-XS and minnieScope-XS products
Video Processing Unit with simultaneous USB 3.0 and HDMI outputs (VPU-USB3-HDMI-XS).
minniescope-xs  and minniecam-xs: unprecedented resolution of up to 1mpixel from constructs that are less than 1.35mm in diameter.
minnieScope-XS and minnieCam-XS: Unprecedented resolution of up to 1Mpixel from constructs that are less than 1.35mm in diameter.
minnieScope-XS and minnieCam-XS: Unprecedented resolution of up to 1Mpixel from constructs that are less than 1.35mm in diameter.


vs4-1845 image intensifier assembly
VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly
The VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly with relay lens and complete control electronics package

Products by NeTHIS - New TeraHertz Imaging Systems

openview - universal laser beam camera
OpenView - Universal laser beam camera
The OpenView is an universal camera offering the largest spectral range from UV to THz domain.

Products by Process Sensors Corporation

surveyor on-line thermal imaging camera series systems for process temperature measurement and control
Surveyor On-line Thermal Imaging Camera Series Systems for Process Temperature Measurement and Control
The Surveyor On-line thermal imaging cameras are some of the smallest in the world, offering remarkable 125hz speed with high resolution 384x288 pixel FPA detector.

Products by Teledyne e2v

Lince5M – 5MP camera
The Lince5M camera is a full Camera Link evaluation camera to highlight the sensor’s high performance with global shutter, 250fps, and its advanced on-chip functionality.

Products by 4M-Vision

4m-vision products
4M-Vision Products

Products by Duma Optronics Ltd

wide spectral range 190nm-1600nm ccd beam profiler
Wide Spectral range 190nm-1600nm CCD Beam Profiler
Wide spectral range beam profiler system for laser beam analysis: profilem beam size, position and power. New technology, one sensor without distorting coatings

Products by ISVI Corp.

High-Resolution 29MP CCD Camera Link with 4.8fps
With 25MP (5056 x 5056) running at 30fps the IC-X25 is a high-speed, high-resolution industrial imaging camera with a Camera Link full-configuration interface.

Products by CustomChill Inc.

cral 700 thermoelectric chiller
CRAL 700 Thermoelectric Chiller
Dual Heating and Cooling Thermoelectric Chiller
cral 300 thermoelectric chiller
CRAL 300 Thermoelectric Chiller

Products by Elite Engineering Corp

custom product development, automation and instrument design
Custom Product Development, Automation and Instrument Design
Our core competencies are product engineering, development, and design. Our job is to take ideas and concepts, and turn them into functioning prototypes and products.

Products by MaxEmil Photonics Corp

imaging lens module
Imaging Lens Module
Our Imaging Lens Module uses integration technologies to assemble and test all types of opto-mechanical and electro-optical sub-assemblies.

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