Products by ConnectZone

6 conductor flat silver satin bulk cable spool length 1000 feet in just $119.99.
6 Conductor Flat Silver Satin Bulk Cable Spool Length 1000 Feet in Just $119.99.
6 Conductor Flat Silver Satin Bulk Cable Spool Length 1000 Feet in Just $119.99.

Products by Tower Optical Corp.

large waveplates
Large Waveplates
Super large zero order waveplates 101.6mm in diameter.

Products by Electro Optical Industries, Inc.

For over fifty years, we at EOI, have provided thousands of diverse blackbodies to customers.

Products by McPherson

5-ways to improve uv spectroscopy
5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy
Want better UV? More than 70% of users choose McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator
new high vacuum spectrometer
New High Vacuum Spectrometer
McPherson Model 207V is an important part of deep-UV and VUV imaging and analytical spectroscopy systems. It works over a broad spectral range, from the deep UV to LWIR
new high brightness monochromator
New High Brightness Monochromator
An ideal instrument for use in tunable light source systems for illumination, imaging and spectroscopy

Products by Spectrecology

dh-3plus-cal radiometric standard uv-vis fiber optic source
DH-3plus-CAL Radiometric Standard UV-VIS Fiber Optic Source
Radiometric Source for calibrating Irradiance of fiber optic spectrometers

Products by Zygo Corporation

zygo verifire™ laser interferometer
ZYGO Verifire™ Laser Interferometer
Precise, vibration-robust laser interferometer system

Products by Instytut Fotonowy

 absolute ipce calibrator
Absolute IPCE calibrator
The absolute IPCE calibrator serves as meter of total light power reaching a sample attached to our “pass through” photoelectrochemical cell

Products by Mohawk Ltd

mohawk ltd - repair, calibration, refurbishment services
Mohawk LTD - Repair, Calibration, Refurbishment Services
Authorized Repair Center providing Repairs, Calibration, Refurbishment of field and lab equipment

Products by Advanced Cooling Technologies

pumped two phase cooling
Pumped Two Phase Cooling
Stand-alone pumped two phase cooling loop with quick-disconnects for cooling up to four cold plates.
thermal management solutions: heat pipes
Thermal Management Solutions: Heat Pipes
Heat Pipe Assembly used to move heat away from the hot side of TEC to external heat sink

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