Products by Knight Optical

knight optical’s beam-splitters for use within food sorting systems
Knight Optical’s Beam-Splitters for use within Food Sorting Systems
Beam-splitter are a widely utilized technology in Optical Sorting Systems for the food industry

Products by Rocky Mountain Instrument Co

beamsplitters / non polarizers
Beamsplitters / Non Polarizers
High power, non-polarizing, IR, IR Non-polarizing, broadband, cube, Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators

Products by Chenter Industries Group Limited

standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
standard filters, optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies
optical components, opto-mechanical parts and assemblies

Products by Infinite Optics

thin film coating services using ebg & iad
Thin Film Coating Services using EBG & IAD
Infinite Optics supplies coatings on fibers, filters, lenses, beam splitters, prototype designs and R&D solutions.

Products by eSource Optics

esource optics broadband vuv-uv optical beamsplitters (bbvuvbs)
eSource Optics Broadband VUV-UV Optical Beamsplitters (BBVUVBS)
VUV-UV broadband beamsplitter optical coatings that are designed to provide 40% to 50% average Reflectance and Transmission, 170nm to 300nm @ 45 degrees AOI Unpolarized.

Products by Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc.

custom thin film coatings
Custom Thin Film Coatings
UV / VIS / IR Coatings

Products by LASERTEC Inc

optical prism
Optical Prism
BK7 prisms are recommended for general laboratory use in the visible and near IR. For UV, infraved, or thermally sensitive applications Fused Silica prisms are advised.

Products by Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

focal beam shaper
Focal Beam Shaper

Products by Inrad Optics

optical components
Optical components
Inrad produces Xray focusing mirrors, large transmission windows, aspheric mirrors, nonlinear crystals, neutron detection crystals, and opto-mechanical assemblies.

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