quattroXX – beam shaping optics of patent pending design splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple focuses, developed for laser material processing like welding, cladding, brazing based on multi-kW multimode lasers. Features: lossless focusing in 4 separate focuses, variable energy distribution, variety of geometrical layouts (square, rhomb, line) to provide doughnut-like spot, realize pre- and post-heating of processed area to reduce spatter and bubbles, operation with TEM00 or multimode multi-kW lasers, reduced thermally induced focus shift. Due to low sensitivity to misalignments and compact design the quattroXX can be quickly, easily and simply integrated in already existing processed heads.


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AdlOptica GmbH works in field of refractive Laser Beam Shaping Optics transforming Gaussian to flat-top intensity profiles and finding applications in numerous industrial and scientific techniques. Result of multi year developments is realized in family of piShaper systems numbering today more than 60 models:  almost 100% efficiency, spectrum from UV to IR, power from mW to kW, CW and pulse lasers, achromatic design, wide range of flattop spot sizes, low sensitivity to misalignment. AdlOptica is locating in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany's leading science and technology park.

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