Products by AdlOptica GmbH

quattroXX - multi-focal beam shaping optics for multi-kW lasers
foXXus - Objectives of patent-pending design to generate multiple foci

Products by Tower Optical Corp.

achromatic waveplates – cemented
Achromatic Waveplates – Cemented
Achromatic Waveplates – Cemented

Products by Spectrecology

ocean-fx high speed  wifi enabled spectrometer
Ocean-FX High Speed WIFI enabled Spectrometer
Ocean FX is a fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, 4500 scans per second, onboard processing, USB, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet & Wi-Fi, user inter-changeable slits

Products by asphericon GmbH

More flexible, more accurate, more economical: Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffractionlimited SPA™ Beam Expander Kit
Discover Plug & Play Perfection - precisely fitting for aspheres.

Products by Alkor Technologies

caf2 windows, caf2 lenses
CaF2 windows, CaF2 lenses
Germanium windows, Ge window
laser model 3600
Laser Model 3600
General purpose Certified (FDA/CDRH compliant) semiconductor (diode) single mode LASER, CW & pulse with variable power 638 nm, 520 nm, 808 nm

Products by Tomorrow's System Sp. z o.o.

opt lasers to-5 brass laser diode housing mount
Opt Lasers TO-5 brass Laser Diode Housing Mount
TO-5 laser diode housing made of brass. Cross shape PCB at the back of the housing allows you to solder the diode pins. Engraved cross helps to put the diode.

Products by Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.

lasorb - the esd absorber for laser diodes
LASORB - The ESD Absorber for Laser Diodes
LASORB is an electronic component that extends the lifetime of laser-diode-based products

Products by Altechna

variable laser beam expanders
Variable Laser Beam Expanders
Tunable beam expander is Galilean type compact design telescope suitable for high power applications.

Products by Gentec Electro Optics, Inc.

pronto-250 - compact laser power meter up to 250 w
Pronto-250 - Compact Laser Power Meter up to 250 W
The Pronto is a compact laser power meter that measures up to 250 W with just the press of a button.

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